"Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files" Reviewed BINGO!

It got chilly here, so today's shot has a scarf to keep me from getting too nippy.

Well, it's that time again. Time to discuss FoF. I was very excited about this episode purely for the creep factor and not for credibility. My favorite show while it was on was "UFO Hunters" and one of the things I adored about it was how they tackled highly controversial type cases involving government conspiracies and alien visiations. This episode gave me that feeling for sure. Others who saw it emailed me while watching it saying "this is the best one ever!" What's been missing for me has been the creepy factor and they got it with the Fresno walking sticks video and that had people talking a lot and still talking about it. This episode did the same thing. I want it to be more like X-Files cryptid episodes that make your skin crawl.

I think FoF found our viewer G-spot!

First, let me get this off my chest: CABLE CHANNELS QUIT GIVING IT UP THE BUTT TO THE PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN THE WEST!!! I had to stay up until midnight to see this entire episode. ARGH!

They picked two stories I wanted to see so badly, I was wiggling in my seat. I must admit, I saw another show do the Memorial Day BF video and they got an athlete and had him run it easily. They basically replicated something every BF lover has seen done on TV already. Still, I can't get enough of investigating my favorite creature of all time, BF! I'm thinking if you're going to run around in a BF costume, you might want to get one that fits. Poor Austin. I'm not so sure of the efficacy of having Bill in a plane circling overhead of potential BF woodlands. Probably just going to scare the big hairy dude away. Verdict: FAKED.

The second case was just plain old weird-o-rama and totally titillating. This man's supposed story of an alien encounter with a creature that killed his dog, a floating UFO, him hitting the killer alien over the head and dragging it back to his home, all made for a fantastic tale. With some prop building, they were able to recreate the UFO and alien and video. Ben decides to go through some further interviewing with this man who profitted from this "encounter." They did voice analysis of Ben's one-on-one with this supposed witness and he tells the man he's not being truthful with him. Awesome Ben! (I do so owe you a kiss, cutie pie!) They found his statements to be false through voice analysis. VERDICT: Faked!

All I can say, is please keep it up guys; go creepy and uncover hoaxes. I feel like a proud mama watching her babies learn to walk and then run!

What case did they almost pursue instead of the Memorial Day Bigfoot?
a. Brightly lit UFO
b. Ghost in a window.
c. Flying Jersey Devil.

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  1. I only managed to catch the final interview part. Having dealt recently with a similar personality myself, I know what these things are like. In my case, there's an individual out there making claims and money from showing a total P. T. Barnum hoax, but he gets defensive and nasty should you question it or challenge him to prove his claims. Then he says he doesn't have to prove them. If you don't feel the need to prove yourself, then why are you getting so upset when no one believes you? At least, P. T. Barnum had a sense of humor. He delighted in his hokum. Today's hoaxers are just frauds, perpetrating fakery with malicious intent and not for any entertainment value. Moreover, they sort of half-delude themselves with their own hoaxes. It's all so very sad - in a clinical way.

  2. On the plus side, I liked Ben's interrogation/interview of the alleged Doctor. Having said that, this case was debunked years ago! A simple google search will pull of all the facts you want to know about the case.

    The bigfoot thing was done before on the Discovery Channel. If you are going to market your show for a younger tech savvy audience, at least treat them like intelligent people. They can use google you know.

    You need to be honest and upfront and say this is an experiment that has been tried before on the Discovery Channel, let's see if we can recreate it. Instead the show acts as if THEY came up with the idea, which to me is as much of a fraud as the UFO story that they investigated.

    If you take someones original ideas without giving them credit and present the idea as your own its a kind of plagiarism.

    I'm sorry Autumn, but this show does not hit a "G" spot. Its more of a hoax than the videos it ineptly attempts to investigate.

  3. Cullan;
    Tom Biscardi comes to mind, huh?

    I agree with lack of originality. I'm glad they picked two huge hoaxes that had a lot staying power and finally showed people they don't need to believe anymore. I really would like to see them take some of the huge online hoaxes and break them down for folks. The combination of creepy stories and spooky urban legend feel to the show just did it for me. I'd like to see them do it more like Joe Schmoe had to do it, i.e. don't hire a helicopter or airplane and FLIR cameras and build elaborate models. I'd like to see them workshop it on their own and keep it on the scale the hoaxer used. Other than that, I had no trouble staying up to midnight. I was thoroughly engaged. My favorite episode so far. I hope they're trainable and can find the G-spot again and we'll keep "coming" back. hahaha

  4. They really don't need to do the choppers, planes and jet packs.

    Short of that, just admit you know it's absurd, but dammit, you wanted to fly around with a FLIR. I'm cool with that. I would try to get the production co. to pay for that as well.

    However, as a viewer, I would rather they spent the plane money on a proper fitting ape suit. The poor dood running with his hand on his head was hilarious in the wrong way.

  5. Pangs;
    Yeah, I felt for him with the slippery suit and the mask with the eye holes in the wrong place. Honestly, I'd rather have see one of the gals do that run. That wouldn't have been entertaining. I don't think I could do it. They'd have to take into account the bounce factor of the gals. That'll slow you down. They also once again used a super primo camera to compare with someone's cheap family camera. Come on guys. You have a budget. Get a shit camera and use it for family vid comparisons. End of story.

  6. I thought the guy with the alien had a fishy sounding story anyways. I thought it was to convenient he didn't have the dog for evidence and that more questions needed to be asked about him seeing vans at his house and then the alien being gone. Who drove the vans? What did the vans look like? What kind of plates did they have? Did you question the the people driving the vans? It just didn't add up very well.

    I think the answer to the question was brightly lit UFO.

    Looking forward to the episode with Jael in a mermaid suit!

  7. Jeff;
    Not a mermaid suit, but supposedly a wet suit or something rigged to make her swim with her legs together. Haha. That should be hilarious. Yeah, the dude would have buried his beloved dog he was so upset about the death of. Where did he bury him? Can we examine the skull??? Hmm???


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