Friday, November 5, 2010

"Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files" Reviewed

Hey, everyone! It's that time again. Review of last night's FoF.

I want to toss this at you: Tell me what you liked and what you didn't like. I'll begin.

Didn't like: I have to say, as an investigator, the supposed ghost film was really a clinker for me. My biggest problem was with their comparison split screen with their IR footage of one of the team walking by in the setting. When they put these up together side by side, the original footage was taken with someone's cheap-o camera, is fuzzy, grainy, and miserable. Then, they put their nice expensive IR camera footage next to it and it was crisp and clear. They should have used the original equipment or equivalent. Kind of amateurish. As well, they should have requested the original team who filmed it give them their footage from the night and see if they might have had a short pudgy member there that night.

Liked: I like that they do try out everything the armchair dude at home is going to toss out there. Some of it is ridiculous, but you know someone is going to say, "but did you try (blank)?" So, they do it. Kudos for covering all the bases, even if hiring a noisy helicopter to be a silent UFO seems ridiculous to the members. They have to dance a fine line. I appreciate the wide audience they must accommodate, not all of them as sophisticated as ya'all.

What interrupted their investigation and made them change course while checking out the ghost film?
a. A lightning storm creating too much noise.
b. The sound of a piano playing.
c. One of the members became sick.

*I'm beginning a new Tuesday series called "Mind Fuck Tuesday" and I will be taking ya'all into some new frontiers of thinking about the paranormal world to open your minds and let in some crazy blinding sunshine and concepts that will make your heads spin. Hope you can handle it! Stick with me, babies, it's all about finding a truth that rings true.*


  1. I'm going to say A or C. That's my final answer. I agree, you gotta give a show credit when they literally try every viewer whim imaginable.

  2. The piano interrupted them. I have to say I 100% agree: they should have used the same camera. That security cam tape had probably been re-recorded over a bunch of times. I thought both the reflection and projection were solid contenders but they had way too much IR light shining in that room (probably more than twice what was originally used) and their optics were much better. C'mon... I don't think they needed to resort to "communing with the dead" to solve that one. It could have been hoaxed. Period. They should have done more witness investigation/interrogation. Not just one guy.

  3. They still have bugs to work out. I totally agree that they should have examined the original footage or used equipment of the same caliber as the original. Theirs was too sharp and clean. Oh yeah, it was a piano playing that stopped them.

  4. CB;
    You're just shooting in the dark, dude? You crack me up. You gotta watch it. Too much fun! I was thrilled they did flying humanoids which has been one of my favorite subjects recently.

    I admit that I enjoyed their little ghost hunt. It's rare that when someone is ghost hunting I feel kind of creeped out but with Bill cranking the electrical machine and them scurrying into dark corners after sounds, it was fun entertainment.

    Yeah, it didn't get past us, but you know a lot of viewers at home were going, nice comparison. Hey, they're not thinking like ghost hunters, they're just making comparisons.

  5. i just found your blog im sure im gonna love this blog , look forward to more paranormal stuff , since it seems to be attracted to me

  6. RoodNVerse;
    Welcome. Glad you like it here. Nothing paranormal is off limits and all viewpoints totally appreciated, as is a good sense of humor.

  7. Didn't like:

    The background music, it was so loud that I muted the tv and turned on the closed captions.

    Did like:

    Jael ...

  8. Barry;
    Obviously a visually-oriented and not auditory-oriented fellow. They didn't give you much of your gal in that episode. Well, maybe next time. I suspect that might be why you keep coming back to it.

  9. Of course I missed this AGAIN! Oh well! Moving on.....LOL

  10. MM;
    I love the sounds monkeys make.

  11. I always thought they went "ee, ee, ee, ee!" not "meh!" :-)

  12. The comparison shot of the ghost video was, as you say, ridiculous. The original video was way too crappy to compare with there sharp as a tack version.

    I was also annoyed by the jetpack. I realize they have to cover these ridiculous scenarios, but it could have been done by noting there are like 5 of these out there and none have the capability to fly more than x time. No need to waste money and time actually flying the damn thing. It just highlights that they are pure entertainment and couldn't give a rat's behind about proving/disproving anything.

    "People will watch if we show previews of a jetpack"





  13. That's the sad line between earnest desire to do a show and investigate and ask questions and try things and then a production company and cable channel who have a lot different priorities. I wish they'd simply do the whole thing very seriously but just all wear swimsuits if that's what SyFy wants. Hell, they do that with all their original movies.

  14. I would watch the hell out of that.