Saturday, August 28, 2010

QUIZ: What Cryptid Do You Identify With?

It’s quiz time again, my pretties! Count your a’s, b’s, c’s and d’s and see which one you have the most of.

1. At a party, I tend to be the one who:
a. Hides in the back yard or other rooms, avoiding the crowd
b. Rile people up, get them partying
c. Lurk around the fringes watching everyone
d. Make charming conversation that gathers a crowd

2. As a kid, I tended to be:
a. Anonymous on the playground, a loner.
b. A bit ADD and spastic
c. Cautious, not trusting of others initially
d. The wise one and leader

3. In a work place situation, I tend to take the position of:
a. Not offering my 2 cents, would rather stay out of things
b. Fight for my projects and assert myself
c. I remove myself from any drama
d. Peacemaker and voice of reason

4. In my family of origin, my role was:
a. Stay under the radar, unnoticed
b. Confrontational, rebellious
c. Unapproachable, withdrawn
d. Everyone’s ear when they had problems

5. I’d rather live at:
a. The sea
b. Hot climate
c. The woods/mountains
d. Change locations, a little of everything.

Now, count your a’s, b’s, c’s and d’s and see which one you have the most of and that’s the cryptid creature you most identify with.

a. Loch Ness Monster
b. Chupacabra
c. Bigfoot
d. Mothman


  1. Yes, LW, I am not surprised, my lad!

  2. For the most part our good ol' hairy friend BF, but there is a bit of Mothman tossed in.

  3. I'm a little mothman and a little Chupacabra. That is a strange blend... I wish I were nessie like laughingwolf!

  4. Yeah, gals, the cryptids aren't too glamorous.

  5. Hey CB; So am I! That's a good thing, we're wise....

  6. Half chupacabra half mothman.

  7. Echo;
    Well, technically, chupacabra kinda looks like a mothman, so you're at least in the same family....

  8. @Autumn cryptids can be glamorous take for example mermaids

    Oh I'm a mothman

  9. Barry;
    Join our happy club! Yes, I would definitely rate as a mermaid if it came up on this quiz. I suspect you might be a minotaur.

  10. Mostly Mothman.

    Could be worse, I guess.

  11. Pangs;
    I had you pegged! I always like to predict how you will answer and most times, I'm totally right-on.

  12. autumn, i'm mothman, except for the question that asked about how i was in my fam growing up & i had to admit, most mothman, 1 part chupacabra!

  13. Libby;
    I believe that cause you're smart and there's a little bit of spitfire in you!

  14. I'm Mothman. :-p

    I also left you an award on my blog :)

  15. Soraya;
    Missed you on last night's lonely Friday night. Hopefully you can be at the next one. It will be my last one blogging from my home. I move into an apartment the next day--a beautiful one. I am so excited!

  16. Tie between Nessie & Mothman, with enough BF thrown in to keep it interesting!

  17. BG;
    That's why you're an equal opportunity monster hunter, baby!

  18. Cullan;
    BF, huh? He's my favorite cryptid, so no doubt you are in good company!

  19. I'm a mothman with big feet! :)

  20. Dan;
    Makes it kind of hard to stay aloft when you fly if you're dragging some bigfeet, huh? Yeah, I'm a total mothman. We're the wisest of the cryptids so more power to us!