Friday, August 27, 2010

Let's Play Fact or Faked!

Season ended but it will be back. Now, instead of being distracted by reviewing the night before's episode, let's have a blast and play "Fact or Faked" on our own. I'm giving you three short videos; a ghost, a skunk ape and a UFO (used but not pursued by "Fact or Faked") Now, it's your turn to do arm chair debunking. Enjoy!



  1. Fact? Fake? Fact? nice tee. I'm referring to the color.

  2. The ghost video is faked I think. I think it was a young girl in the closet. When it first opened, I think she moved up against the wall as flat as she could on the right side (from the camera angle). When the door was closed, she moved up against the glass. When the door was opened the second time, she probably crawled out from below the level where the camera was filming. You know, I'm not sure, but I almost think I remember seeing a video debunking that video doing what I just described (or something similar).

    The second one is iffy. I think it's probably faked though.

    The last one is iffy too though. When investigating a video like that, I'd be curious to see more of the video, particularly what they were shooting before they started shooting the UFO. Was he filming something normal and just so happened to notice a UFO in the sky? Or was he specifically just filming a UFO? Since it was apparently chasing a plane and plane would only stay in view for so long, he would have had to have been quick and just so happened to have a camera ready to be able to film he must have already been filming something or he must have been filming a planned fake (or filming footage to add CGI too later). It's possible he may have been using a phone camcorder though, and it would make sense that he might already have that handy and could have been able to start shooting quickly. The guy is almost too quiet too. You'd think even if he was alone with no one to talk too that he would have at least reacted a little bit when the UFO and plane disappeared. Maybe a "wow" or something like that. But that's the sort of information I'd want to find out if I was going to do an investigation on that video.

    I'd also want someone to analyze the video and see if there was any evidence that the UFO might be CGI.

    Another thing I'd want to know is if there was any reports of missing planes around the time the video was taken. If it was a small plane, it's possible it may not have made national news, but you'd think that if it might at least make the local news somewhere. Alternatively though, maybe it was a military UAV scanning the area? If there's no reports of missing planes around that time, then then might explain why there wasn't a report. And maybe the UFO was capturing it to prevent it from seeing something?

    But at any rate, I think it's probably a fake.

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  5. comment got posted three gave me an error a couple of times so I thought it didn't post. Guess it posted all three times though....opps.

  6. Actually I just looked for a video debunking the pantry ghost video and found a couple of debunking videos for it. One suggested it was post production masking effect:

    I found another video done by Captain Dillusion that says something similar to what I said, but the girl wasn't hiding against the wall, but hiding behind a hidden door (which probably would make more sense, I just thought she might have been hiding against the wall because he didn't open the door all the way the first time...admittedly she'd have to be really skinny to hide against the wall though, given how much of the interior of the pantry he did show). Beware, annoying cynic/skeptic James Randi guest stars in the video though.

  7. CB;
    Quiz: What color is the tee? (hee hee)

    I agree with your observations. You're right that if a dude were filming the UFO and it abducted a plane, he would have been cursing and screaming. Dead give-away.

  8. The ghost girl is faked and I think Jeff has explained it well. To me the pantry seemed suspiciously shallow, but if it were not, the fact that the camera never fully looks in and to the right when the door is first opened makes me think that's because the girl is hiding there. And she's little if you compare her to the door. I know my little nieces can hide in some small spaces.

    The 'skunk ape' has been disproved before based upon the obvious human locomotion. Plus, you can see the costume stretch and flap around. They could have at least padded it out some. He looks like Rocky the Flying Squirrel.

    The UFO is a digital effect. And you can see it somewhat when it passes "behind" the powerlines. There's something of a disconnect that happens there. Other than that, it seemed really fluid and they didn't try to fashion too much detail. I think they did a good job. However, a good hoax would explain WHY (in words or not) as to why they were shooting up there. Oh, I just started shooting the sky and oh look at that and ...

    A good example of this would be the tornado in England. They're rare there and so when the guy shot a picture of the funnel cloud, that makes sense. In and of itself it's really rare and fascinating. But then - quite a while later - he notices the UFO. Even at first, he thinks its a bird or a bug or a plane or maybe debris.

  9. Cullan;
    As always, you are intelligent and practical. I completely agree. Yeah, te girl was behind the door when they opened it. The UFO was just totally out of context. The skunk ape was just fucking hilarious, I think.

  10. The ghost girl does in fact make my blood cold. The ape looks like old story taken from storage archives of big foot tapes-fake, may be. The UFO looks like something new , although the view was divided in the middle by the building-fact may be.

  11. I thought they were all faked. I enjoyed the one on the Paudling lights never heard of them. Love to go see sometime!

  12. Hey Echo and Becca;
    I'm glad ya'all came over to try this out. I think the next Friday I will have to do something in anticipation of Destination Truth and Beast Legends coming on the 9th.

  13. jmart comments on his faked UFO vid here

    He did a pretty good job. The bird flying off at that exact moment is a lucky distraction.

    I agree with the comments on the ghost girl. Totally faked.

    The third vid is most definitely a biped of some sort :P

  14. Pangs;
    Was that biped you, buddy???