Tactile Tuners

In my prior post on “Soul Seers” I discussed one type of fledgling psychic. Since I do truly believe we all absolutely have the wiring to be psychics, but some just figure it out early and use it young and become a full-fledged ones while others aren’t encouraged or don’t recognize the skills they have when young and dismiss them. These people are “fledglings” in the psychic world. The last one I discussed was the talent for discerning souls. This talent, “tactile tuners” are more touch-related.

Some signs a person night be a tactile tuner include;

They often times need to touch a person on the arm or shoulder when speaking to them or they feel they have not connected. If a child acts up, they feel that yelling back isn’t going to work as well as putting a steady hand on the child to soothe him.

Without realizing it, in stores with used items like antiques and thrift finds, they touch the objects to decide if they like them rather than just looking at them. Sometimes in the grocery store or other shop, they pick up an item, set it back down and pick up another similar one without realizing why they put the first one back.

Personal space is important to them and when people encroach and get too close, they feel themselves tightening up inside. Being in crowds where they bump up against others they might feel hysteria rising.

Often times, when just sitting around, they will hold an object and switch it from hand to hand, squeeze it, toss it in the air, mess with it without realizing they are doing this.

What I can tell you about tactile tuners is that they are budding psychometrists and healers. They come in two types; senders and receivers. Senders can heal people and also are good at passing information on, such as holding an object and leaving an imprint that affects others who touch it. Receivers are good at getting the information from the object through psychometry.

If you know yourself to be tactile and to get much information from touching objects and people and maybe called it “weird vibes” or “good vibes,” then you are a fledgling. Some things to consider if you have this is to be careful what you bring home that is used from antiques to Goodwill finds to things your friends pawned off on you. Let them pass the touch test first. If you ever find yourself unexplainably uncomfortable in a chair in a large lecture hall, switch chairs. The last person who sat there might have left an imprint. When you know this about yourself, you can understand why you sometimes out-of-the-blue feel weirded out when making contact with an object, a person or a place.


  1. Definitely not me. I have plenty of gut feelings about people (that usually turn out to be right) but I'd accredit that to a well-adapted survival instinct. I don't feel compelled to touch things or people "just because" and the only problem I have at stores is that I almost always have to have the item that's the farthest in the back. But hey, that's OCD! I only put things back because I'm a cheap MF'er and in college I used to shop at Goodwill a lot and that went without incident. I do have personal space issues, but that usually tends to be due to personal health and safety issues and the fact that my mother never hugged me enough as a child, LoL!

  2. I smell everything. I'm not sure what that means other than people seem to find it endlessly amusing.

  3. Grim;
    I would so love to be able to spend a day with you and watch you in action relating to the world. Poor lambie. You would never survive me. I have to hug everyone all the time. So far, "soul seer"? You may find a bit of yourself in tomorrow's post, "tomorrow tumblers"...

    I wear a scent of sandalwood, incense and cannabis...Lord help me if I ever get approached by an airport sniffing dog.

  4. Hah, hah, sandalwood & cannabis. Wehyull, you're not likely to get a once-over at an airport if the scent from the saber-leaved miracle plant was after it produced THC. But pity the poor innocent urine-screened corporate slave-drone who has had a poppy seed bagel. I hear tell that that registers for opiates. Hello? Oh, and also that Advil™, the common over-the-counter, registers as everything in the narcotic pharmacopia. But then again, what the Hell, liver failure is also a longterm possibility. Pee-pee screenees, take note.

    As for tactile tuners. Yeah, Sharonny, I remember this one particular time that I was at the long defunct witch supermarket in NYC formerly located @ 35 West 19th Street & they were having some kinda Saturday witch fair with reader-advisors & discounts on select items & I swear I was tapped on the right shoulder, palpably tapped, like an urgent "Excuse me, young man!", but nobody but nobody was to be met by my curious attention as I spun around to meet them.

    Of course, those burgeoning & (like you) deeply gifted psychometrists whose preternatural senses can pick up on a little something extra are going to Hell according to this article which is why I've had with Christians, whether liberal Episcopalians as I my(s)elf was raised, or Re-born Funny-Mentalists alike. I've just had it with 'em.

    Thanks for opening up a whole new vista of spiritual AND scientific possibilities for your readership, Sharon. You totally, totally rock.

    Love & Light from the Old Dominion,
    Anadæ ~ (•8-D

  5. Bror; my lucky brother in the Old Dominion, you always make me smile. I made up a saying and I shared it with Bill Maher when he made "Religilous." I always say that "religion is the prostitution of spirtuality" and he liked that phrase a lot. I think it says it all, my sweet.

  6. I'm here, Starry Sister, I'm here, and humour-bringing is part of my forte. But, I did make an egregious blunder in my preceding; I meant before the miracle plant produced tetrahydrocannibinol delta minus nine, not after, since afterwards is when the inebriant-producing chemicals would be apparent to a canine narc corps employee. I do feel that that's worth the correction. You'd've noticed it anyway, you hip chick, you. Yeesh. Well, here's s'more elf stuff. Bye for now.

  7. Bror;
    My love, thank you so much for the links and the info. You are always the wisest! Perhaps that is why I associate you with owls...

  8. That's so fascinating! Definitely not me. Granted... when I got my first Tarot deck I couldn't put them down and kept shuffling them. Lol I'm with Grim and in a store I go for items farther back. Or the freshest ones. :-p

  9. Soraya;
    You might be tomorrow's posted fledgling, the "tomorrow tumbler"

  10. this isnt me, either, although i'd like to have this too. but i can't be selfish, i'm glad i have the feelings i do, rather have that than anything else...

    word veri - undog!

  11. Libby-Girl;
    I get more amusement out of your word verification than you can imagine. You have a real way with those. You might find yourself in tomorrow's post "tomorrow tumblers" or the next day's which is "Creature Comforters." I know, I know...I have lousy names for the me, but you never forget them once you hear them.

  12. Well, it's not me either! I don't like touching people. and I REALLY don't want them touching me. I'm amazed that they think they can just invade my personal space.
    OK, sure I've hugged people when they are crying and grieving but I don't reach out and grab their arm to make a point. So I find it odd that someone who's all touchy feely would get freaked out in a crowd. I suppose it's because it's just an overload for their senses.
    So I can't get "vibes" that way. And I'm an awful judge of character. People are always disappointing me. I only have one fail-proof way of knowing good from bad. I totally trust my dogs. If they don't like someone, that's all I need to know. So Long! Don't bother!
    But of course animals are on the frequency that "tunes" them into what's evil and good. Just like little kids are before they lose that ability.
    Oh! And in stores I of course LOOK at the first magazine but must take the ALMOST LAST one that's untouched and clean. But oddly enough I have no problem living with Estate Sale furniture.

    I just had a thought! Hmmm, maybe that's why the dogs keep trying to pee on that one chair! LOL!

  13. Cindi;
    You will like Thursday's installment for sure! I am today's (duh). I love to touch people and hug them and it comes naturally for me, but I only do it once I've evaluated their worth. If I touch you--it says a lot about your character. The one exception is if I need to read someone who is hard to read or I want to influence someone (like the cable guy who said it would take 2 1/2 weeks--one touch and it became "tomorrow, ma'am")

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