Monday, May 31, 2010

This week in horror movies and paranormal tv

Yeah, it's a bloody disaster. I won't even count the measily new season of "Ghost Hunters Academy" (I'd rather watch "Dancing With the Stars" and I'll NEVER do that!) So, I like to put an *asterisk next to what I'm watching. Not much... Don't worry, my little pretties, it won't be an entirely dry summer for us horror lovers--we're just in the wedding/family vacation/new-to-summer-break time of the year. This too shall pass and the good stuff will be back! I might even have some fun insider news for you coming up some time soon...

Animal Planet: “River Monsters” marathon
SyFy Channel: “Stephen King’s The Stand”


Discovery Channel: “Weird or What?”
SyFy: Repeats of “Ghost Hunter” and the new season of “Ghost Hunters Academy”
Animal Planet: “River Monsters” marathon

*TNT Channel: “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” (movie)
AMC Channel: “The Goonies” (movie)
SyFy Channel: “Stephen King’s The Tommyknockers” (movie)


AMC Channel: “Pet Cemetery” (movie) followed by “They” (movie)
Travel Channel: “Ghost Adventures” (repeats)


  1. Ho hum, not much there. At least Cake Boss is all new tonight with Buddy and his familia.

  2. You know, I always forget that show is on. I admit I prefer Duff and the gang at Charm City much much more and the show isn't all posed. Cake Boss doesn't seem genuine in the least. It's like that one with Gene Simmons where they just pose a bunch of obstacles and characters in their way. Yeah, it's slim pickens for a while...

  3. Say what you like about Buddy and his familia, they remind me of my Mom's family and that is why I love watching the show. They make some amazing cakes as does Duff and Charm City Cakes, which is another show I love to watch.

  4. Yeah, that's all it takes is having someone you identify with. I just wish they wouldn't bring his mom out to playact. She doesn't even seem comfortable doing a bickering act in front of the camera. I would so love to make spooky-themed cakes for a living but I'm all arms and legs--I'd be a completely klutz making them and transporting them. Jeez, and in AZ--you'd be screwed with the heat!

  5. I go to the net more and more, one of my favorites:

  6. I noticed they changed the format of Ghost Hunters Academy a bit. Don't know what it's suppose to accomplish. The winner will probably be shipped off to GHI instead of GH.

  7. Andrea;
    Yeah, they supposed did the same thing with the last season's winners, but I'm disappointed. I really don't want the rugrats on GHI. I like that team just fine.