Thursday, February 18, 2010

Great Britain Releases More UFO Documents

Six-thousand pages of UFO-related papers were released in Britain, covering the years of 1994-2000. This is the fifth and largest installment released by the Defense Ministry. These include reports very odd-shaped UFOs, substances being extruded, different colors, different lights and even physical illness.

The popular shape today appears to be the triangle and many believe this is a takeoff of people’s knowledge of the Stealth bomber influencing their reports. One man reported his car engulfed in a tube-like light and then dust particles after which he became very ill. Another reported a blue triangle hovering over his garden. Yet more have reported white powdery substances across the countryside and strange mysterious illnesses.

Question of the day: “Is Britain’s release of more UFO reports helpful for proving UFOs exist or does it shed less credibility on witness reports as being outrageous and nonsensical? And if so, was this their goal in releasing them en masse?”


  1. That Glascow shot looks like a kite!

    And who knows when it comes to UFO's and witness reports. Most of the claims are probably made by the same people who tout weird cloud formations as proof of alien wormhole portals and spaceship cloaking devices.

    I remember once I used to live near a military base. It was a nice, clear, peaceful morning and I'd JUST stepped out on my third floor balcony to glace out at the wooded lot in the back of the complex. At that moment a stealth bomber boomed over my roof and zipped off over the tree line. After spilling half my orange juice down my shirt and muttering some pissed vocab, I still knew exactly what I'd seen even though I'd never saw one in the area before.

    But as for these reports, when it comes to the military, who knows? Even if there were anything to them that might be presented by MUFON adherents as "definitive" proof, it most likely got black-markered out prior to release.

  2. I agree with what you're saying. I've only seen about 3-4 genuinely unexplainable things in the air that truly fit nothing at all I could imagine and were witnessed with others who confirmed I wasn't losing my mind. I know people thing governments would keep such visitations private to "not cause hysteria," but I really kind of doubt that. I think that governments could get an enormous amount of funding for their militaries should they admit, there's more than just us in the galactic neighborhood. In a strange Orwellian way, it would probably make us all work together like a socialist society. Rather than people thinking of individual freedoms, they would concern themselvse with mankind freedoms from threat, so it would probably benefit the government to have such a motivator.