Review "The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch" Season 5 Episode 11 and "Beyond Skinwalker Ranch"


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The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch 

"Bad to the Drone" 

When the team decides to send up a swarm of drones, some unusual things happen. 

They were back to the drilling site. Beacon hadn't been working, not getting signal. They went to back the drill out, put new batteries in the beacon and recalibrated.  They did this and it was working. And (no surprise), it was not working. 

The Sky Elements team brought 1000 drones. They prepared for a drone swarm show. One technician pilots with virtual reality goggles, driving a drone that can go up to 100 mph to study and observe.

The Skinwalker tea will kick off a rocket before the swarm goes up. The drones usually blink in unison when commanded to fly. They were blinking randomly and disconnecting to show "no vehicles"P on the screen. 

At that moment, Travis yelled there was something over the mesa and sure enough - a UAP. It disappeared. As well, they lost signal for antennae on the multi-sensor system that monitors all over the ranch. A 1.6 GHz signaled too. The signals showed directly at the launch site. They got it from sky pointed antennae and mesa antennae. Then, the antennae at the exit point.  It was something new they had never seen. The infamous east field area where the UAp went through the mesa was one of these sites the signals came from - coming from all over at once. Travis pondered if the signals came from all inside the cone-shaped anomaly.

The drone swarm was finally ready to launch The drones randomy moved around like they were not being navigated. They lost video feed. It seemed like one crashed. They had to land the drone swarm.  The virtual reality flyer said his drone hit something but he wasn't sure what. 

The team left to go and review data. There was a UAP and they expected that as they saw it too. The virtual reality flyer said it's never happened before, losing control, and they found the drone's footage from his flight. They showed it.  It showed that the drone seemed to hit something and began to spin wildly and hit the ground to the east when it had been flying to the west. 

Themogaraphic imagery from triangle area showing the mesa revealed something seeming to fall from the sky above toward the ground. This occurred when the drone crashed. It was not visible with the naked eye. 

Footage through high speed camera revealed above the anomaly looking upward, a very fast moving light. When they contrased it, they found a LOT of UAP lights. 

They finally considered maybe a group of drones over the triangle and over the east field at the same time and compare the reactions.

Next episode - they do drone experiments in the  triangle and the east field at the same time. The drones, however, start falling like a waterfall!

My commentary - 

I wondered about the beacon. They knew the batteries are good and it's recalibrated. Why haven't they thought of taking the beacon down 20 feet, 20 more feet, closer and closer to the drill unit to see where it begins to go freaky?

I've always wished they had a geologist on board. I would love a study of the mesa from every side to look geologically at how it was formed and if there is evidence of an implosion on the ranch side, could be defined. 

Just a thought, but Travis admitted to being on the UAP task force. He was sent back to the pack afterwards. Seems rather odd that they wanted him to to go back and keep seeking answers. And, it seems like he Travis is extremely confident. Is he now a plant? Not a bad plant, but a plant that helps the government to deal with an issue Bigelow and his government research team couldn't complete. 

So, say the government knows about aliens or knows about these portal situations or unknown history, we have been shaking fists and mad at them for a coverup. They can't present this info to us or the world or we would think they studied it decades before they revealed the knowledge. But, what if they had civilians find this knowledge? Now, the government can say, "thank you dudes, we'll take over now." and the public is thrilled as the "good guys" found the truth. It's a win/win. Did they figuratively tag Travis and send him back to the herd? 

Another curiosity is the mesa itself. 

About 340 million years ago, the land that is now Utah resided near the equator covered in a warm, shallow sea. As marine animals perished over millions of years, their calcium carbonate remains accumulated on the ocean floor in deep depositions. Over time, the compaction lithified these deposits into rocks.

Now, let's suppose that the mesa eventually turned into sandstone after the drying out period and then it was struck by something like a meteorite (or spaceship) that broke the rock down into boulders, was buried within, caused fissured caverns beneath from the cracking of the sandstone, helping to bring oxygen and stoke an undergroun fire. What we may be looking at is the remnant of an ancient strike.

Whereas an iron meteorite might cause some odd readings and geomagnetic anomalies, it would not send signals or the like. If, however, an advanced culture utilized endless energy - a crashed ship could still be transmitting. One of the fissures formed could be the caverns under the triangle. Some of the debris from the crash could be the scattered hits from the LIDAR. Imagine an emergency beacon sending out SOS for eternity? What about rescue ships in search of it? Or, even more likely of these crazy scenarios - these are time-shifting vehicles. We are witnessing past, present, and future in this region. 

Hypotheses abound. Sometimes, I ponder if the very people studying it are subconsciously utilizing skills they don't know they have to interact with something that is working to elicit these latent talents in humans. 

Okay, so now we have the source of the sea plants that created the "wood" found in the mesa in the last episode. 

Beyond Skinwalker Ranch 

"Tumbleweeds and UAPs" 

Andy and Paul head to Southern California to a remote area with lots of odd goings on and an entity known as "Goldie." They come across reason to think there is a Goldie, but it seems other entities may not want that known

Andy and Paul start out with Erik and Travis at Skinwalker explaining their next location.

Anza-Borrego, CA  - covert government and testing, as well as oddities. It is a state park. A phenomon called "Goldie" is an aerial UAP that happens in daytime and nighttime. Some say it is a stationary light or something moving up and down. Their plans are heading to Borrego Springs up to Anza.

They met with the researchers, Dave Flora and Derek Hayes who made a documentary based on it. The military seems to know they are there and get followed by helicopters in the middle of nowhere. 

An observatory was set up in the dry lakebed there at Clark Lake, and they searched for UFOs. The facility was closed in 1986, leaving no trace. Most UFO reports are in that area.

The team decided to do some measurements there. The mountains block signals so an ideal place to study a quiet spot of study.

The team decides to study the sky that night in the dry lake bed.

They brought in David Mason, expert at looking at thermal/FLIR. A differential FLIR is utilized - very expert, higher level of observation and differentiation. Andy and Paul also utilized other equipment to find anything out there. 

The team got 1.6 GHz and using equipment to find out where the signal is coming from. They narrowed it down to a location the documentarians saw a series of lights. 

They watched a thermal anomaly of heat in the same area where the 1.6 GHz signal came from. 

The team used car batteries to power them. One of the cars just shut off. As they were checking it out, a light showed and looked like ground level in the dry lake bed where they were set up. The light also showed no heat source. Suddenly, it faded out. Above the mountain they saw a light moving. 

The differential FLIR showed trailing objects in the sky. There were also two objects in sync heading skyward. Another light whizzed by. These were not caught on traditional FLIR. 

The team went up to Anza to Thomas Mountain Overlook to see light phenomenon locals call "Goldie." As they set up, a private helicopter blacked out flies overhead and the tail number was from a private plane that had been demolished. 

As they studied, the frequency range they got was the magical 1.6 GHz arena. It's only used for earth to space and space to earth range no one else can use. 

They checked to see where the signal came from.  They got a steady rise in temperature and then an odd flash on the screen and temperature instantly went down.

Strangely, the signal is the same 1.6 GHz no matter what 360 degree pivot they do to find the source, it remains the same. They are either on the point that is sending or receiving it. The radio energy on that mountain. Once again, it flashes and temperature dropped like before. 

Andy and Paul presented at Skinwalker Ranch to reveal to Travis and Erik. They discussed that helicopters seem to show up as they are setting up tests as if they knew about it. 

They ponder if the flash and temperature change might have occurred above the ground. 

My commentary - 

I'm really pleased with Andy's and Paul's work. They are really capturing a lot and using some good logic about how to track and record phenomena. They are hitting some amazing places. The interesting thing is, these types of sites are everywhere and we never really knew it. Are they entry and exit points for other worlds? Are they another dimension interacting? Possibly time travelers from our worn future? 

They noted the heat at the area the 1.6 GHz signal and lights came from. It makes me wonder why the team at Skinwalker hasn't gone back up to the stone spiral where heat occurred.