Review "The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch" Season 5, episode 10, and "Beyond Skinwalker Ranch"


The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch - 
"What the Gel?"

After hearing incredible testimony of a UFO crashing on Skinwalker Ranch many years ago, the team makes a shocking discovery inside the mesa. 


Beyond Skinwalker Ranch - 
"The Landing Site" 

When investigator Katie Paige rejoins Andy and Paul at a Colorado ranch where strange phenomena terrorized her as a child, a newly revealed site of concentrated activity results in the discovery of a possible portal above the ranch. 


The vet said the calf's eyes were hemorrhaging from the inside, swelling on the brain, and pressure around the eyes. They agree it correlated with the drilling. The calf had improved after leaving the ranch.

Thomas let them know that they were closed to being done with drilling and the team came together to check out the spoils. The battery for the drill bit had to be changed. The drill bit seemed okay. The battery showed it was fully charged. The team worked to get it moving again. They were drilling without their beacon working that usually tells them where they are drilling.

At homestead one, Thomas, Tom, and Candace met with the retired sheriff, Kris Porritt, who admied he had a secret he was told  by the ranch owner to never share. 

Decades ago, the sheriff and ranch owner rode out to the eastern fence line. The owner showed a place where a cow had been mutilated and looked surgically operated on. The bones from neck and head were gone. There was no blood. 

Retired sheriff, Kris Porritt, admitted part of a wreckage was in the south field, some kind of flying saucer or alien craft. One calf had been mutilated. Right behind it was a piece of metal about 10-feet wide that looked like aluminum. Ken Meyers, the ranch owner, was with the sheriff and Ken took the metal and balled it up, tossed it on the ground, and it popped back to its original form. The craft had left an indent in the ground close to 5-feet wide. It was perhaps 12-feet long. The sheriff doesn't know what Ken did with the metal scraps. There was a liquid substance, a gelatin-type of stuff that was green. It was scattered all over there. 

The sheriff said Ken Meyers, the property owner, didn't want the government taking over the ranch, so made him promise not to share.

There is a hole in a tree where the crash occurred. It looked unnatural, as if something went through it. 

Travis suggested they go to that area and look it over as well as bring an arborist to look at the tree. The damage in the tree was 30 years or longer ago. This lines up with the supposed crash. 

The hole measured just over 10 feet but fits the size of the supposed craft. 

About 180 feet in near where the beacon lost its signal, the drillers continued their work. They hoped the beacon could work long enough to find location. Something was making the beacon jump around in frequency. The moments they had the beacon working it was erratic. The drill bit hit something hard. If the drill bit was against something conductive, it could shut down the drilling beacon. 

Thomas suggested they examine the spoils dump from drilling.

Dragon found some jelly-like stuff in the drilling spoils that was green with yellowish bits. It looks like if you cut up a pickle with dark skin and light yellow green inside. Kris Porritt, the retired sheriff, had mentioned a green jelly-like substance at the supposed crash site. Erik bagged these organic-looking substance for study. One bit that Dragon pulled had a pinkish look beneath it. 

They then found bits of wood in it that looked worked over, like pieces of a potential mine shaft. How did it get inside the mesa if it wasn't a mine? They hadn't heard that there were ever mines in the mesa. 

Thomas let the team know that the beacon is not working, they have no idea where the drill is. It's making the goal impossible. They are going to try making some changes and see if they can get equipment working.

The team then focused on the wood and the jelly from inside the mesa. The Univeresity of Utah expert, Mitchell Power, a botony specialist, studied the samples.

The wood showed a stem that has portholes and was likely an aquatic plant. When Travis asked how it got 200 feet into a mesa. He was told this is likely an ancient wetland specimen, prehistoric. The jelly sample didn't match geolocial history of the area. It doesn't appear to be a biologically driven color green. The botanist studied closer to see what it was made of. It had burnt plant material in it. The conclusion is this plant material burned inside the mesa. 

Travis asked the botanist how these samples got a few hundred feet in the mesa, he said buried wetland feature. Travis pondered if a UFO crash might have started the fire of the contents of the mesa. 

The team is utterly baffled more than ever. 

Next week -
Thousands of drones in a major experiment. UAPs showed up when a drone hit something in the sky and crashed.

My commentary - 

Well, well, well...this is just getting juicier by the minute. Could it be that this wetlands of long long ago, perhaps Pleistocene era, was the underwater area of a USO that over time became covered by rock and boulders as the ice melted? Well, that wouldn't account for a possible burned plant material. It also doesn't make sense that the material could have burned from a crash as that would mean the UFO craft utilizes flammable fuel which would show propulsion signs in the Tic Tac and Go Fast crafts filmed by the military. 


"Rocky Mountain Ranch" in Colorado was another location of high strangeness. There was a hum that came from the land, a hum that Katie Paige heard as a child there. She is presently a UFO researcher. The team decided to go back there. 

The team had utilized a remote viewing expert before. They decided to bring David Morehouse from Project Stargate in. Remote viewers were given a map that was transparent, removing critical key locations that give away the land. They put dots on the map where the remote viewers had sketched a portal drawing. They decscribed as -  "Energy pouring out of one portal down through another poertal and then it is spilling heavily out in the ranch and surrounding area, a wall of hardened energy, a downward flow of force." That rather reminds me of the microbursts we get in the desert when a storm collapses, sending wind along the surface of the land. 

The land owner's dog refused to go up the hill where a rocket in an experiment had crashed, a location Katie, a prior resident explains something odd happened. The owner let the dog loose to go home again. 

Katie explains a snowless circle was seen about 75 feet in diameter in that area, near the cistern (a location of much strangeness).

The cistern area, the remote viewers described as, "widening cracks, low tunnels that spun off, corridors, militaristic, people in uniform, overhead lighting."

Paul and Andy decided to bring in some imaging experts from Terra Exploration Group to see what is underground. The Terra team used the same magnetometer equipment they used at Skinwalker Ranch that showed the anomaly underground at the triangle area. This was looking to identify voids and tunnels.

The drone was moving willy nilly, a disturbance it didn't like, making it fly out of the grid pattern. The magnetometer was swinging around. They decided to look at what the drone was able to capture.

The men took the Terra team to the "landing site" area that had the big circle in the snow and the remote viewers saw a portal. The drone with magnetometer went up, but was fighting the wind. 

The last hot spot was the cistern. It had an odd hum coming from it and the remote viewers saw some kind of underground tunnels with a military feel and lighting. 

Resistivity survey was chosen there because the magnetometer would tell them there is a void there which they know the cistern is. They will look for a tunnel system. They tested down to 80 feet. 

Paul and Andy sat down with the Terra team to review the data. The cistern data looked as expected, but remote viewers suggested thousands of feet in the ground, not 80 feet (limit of resistivity).

Nothing was shown where the rocket was launched and went crazy off course. What anomaly was not happening underground. That left above ground.

The "landing site" was perplexing. There were areas with no magnetometer data. That has never been seen. It was like the mechanism was going on and off and on and off. This was the area that had the large circle of no snow where snow was everywhere else and the remote viewers showed a portal in the sky. 

Andy suggested they engage the anomaly overhead. They needed rockets. Multiple sensors on the rockets was ideal to gauge that area. Loc Precision came in to send up the rockets.

They want to shoot two rockets from two locations to see if they can poke that area. The LOC team had a 95% or better successs rate sending rockets up. However, this location and Skinwalker were 50/50 chances it'd work. 

The rocket's chute did not deploy. They looked at it and it was destroyed. It was the first time they saw it burn and not pop its cap. They could get the card out of the camera hopefully. It was decided to deply the next rocket.

They set up the next rocket 300 feet away at the cistern and direct it at the same area in the sky to see what it picks up on all the devices attached.

The rocket went up and deployed the chute okay. This should be the largest data of a payload they've ever had, even at Skinwalker Ranch.

The GPS showed at 1300 feet, while the other one went 1400 feet. They were certain it went much higher than that. The altitude recorded made no sense. It even showed that it landed a different distance than it was.  It registered being 1000 feet away away but it was more than that. The payload came out looking intact.

Back at Skinwalker Ranch, Andy and Paul shared with Travis and Erik.  Travis pointed out that they could not get magnetometer data over the landing site circle. All SD cards from the crashed rocket (launched in the landing site) were unretrievable by any means. The second r ocket went beautifully and thehy share the live feed from inside this rocket. Suddenly a blip. 

Paul and Andy pondered this occurred while descending through a potental portal. Travis suggested that this frequency change might reveal they went through an anomalous region reminesent of a portal situation. 

Travis compared the landing site circle with the lidar column and circle shape found on Skinwalker Ranch. 

my commentary - 

This location does appear to have the familiar pattern of findings as Skinwalker Ranch. Geologically, I suppose the West is newer than the East. The Appplachians are well worn ancient mountains, but the West has volcanoes, earthquakes, and jagged tall mountains. Is this an attraction for some reason? Well, let's think of how many times UFOs are seen at volcanoes? Is it simply that Earth's dynamics create energies that are helpful for the coming and going of such vehicles? Do they utilize thunderstorms? Earthquakes? Volcanoes? Static dry air? to somehow use their technology? Is it that the West is less populated and clear skies for easy navigation? I'm truly hoping these guys can come to some conclusions on the matter.