Native American Legends of Giants


When even unrelated tribes report the same encounters with an unusually "tall" tribe, one has to take note. Here's just some of the legends the Native People of America speak of in relation to a giant tribe of long ago.

LINK: “History of the Choctaw, Chickasaw, and Natchez Indians”: “The tradition of the Choctaws . . . told of a race of giants that once inhabited the now State of Tennessee, and with whom their ancestors fought when they arrived in Mississippi in their migration from the west. … Their tradition states the Nahullo (race of giants) was of wonderful stature.”

LINK: Chief Rolling Thunder of the Comanches, a Great Plains tribe, once gave the following account of a race of white giants in 1857:

“Innumerable moons ago, a race of white men, 10 feet high, and far more rich and powerful than any white people now living, here inhabited a large range of country, extending from the rising to the setting sun. Their fortifications crowned the summits of the mountains, protecting their populous cities situated in the intervening valleys.

“They excelled every other nation which was flourished, either before or since, in all manner of cunning handicraft—were brave and warlike—ruling over the land they had wrested from its ancient possessors with a high and haughty hand. Compared with them the palefaces of the present day were pygmies, in both art and arms.”

LINK: The Starnake people of Navajo legend.... describing them as: “A regal race of white giants endowed with mining technology who dominated the West, enslaved lesser tribes, and had strongholds all through the Americas. They were either extinguished or ‘went back to the heavens.'”

LINK:  In 1553, Pedro Cieza de León wrote in “Chronicle of Peru” about legendary giants described to him by the Manta indigenous people: “There are, however, reports concerning giants in Peru, who landed on the coast at the point of Santa Elena. … The natives relate the following tradition, which had been received from their ancestors from very remote times.

“There arrived on the coast, in boats made of reeds, as big as large ships, a party of men of such size that, from the knee downwards, their height was as great as the entire height of an ordinary man, though he might be of good stature. Their limbs were all in proportion to the deformed size of their bodies, and it was a monstrous thing to see their heads, with hair reaching to the shoulders. Their eyes were as large as small plates.”

León said that the sexual habits of the giants were revolting to the Natives and heaven eventually wiped out the giants because of those habits.

Pauites: The Paiute tribe of Nevada has a legend of a battle with a giant red-haired tribe that moved into their lakeside area. They reported them to be cannibalistic people forcing the Native People to have to fight and destroy them.

Allegewi:  A tribe in the Allegheny Mountains area, believed to be related to the Adena people. The Lenape tribe reported they had been traveling into the area, found this giant tribe and fought them with another tribe beside them helping them to kill off and drive out the tall tribe. 

Midwest Tribes, such as ones in Wisconsin, report there were tall white people mining there when their people arrived.  They reported them as being blond or red haired.

Cherokees tell of having killed the last "white indians" in Kentucky and West Virginia.

Another Paiute tribe of the Death Valley region reported the Hav-Masuvs, a people who were there when their people arrived to the region. They were a seafaring group who had arrived by ships, settled into caverns there and lived off the lakes and traded in the Death Valley area back when it had water.

LINK:  In 1541, de Soto’s army traveled from the Florida Panhandle to Middle Georgia. Officers noted that the area's people were more culturally advanced and averaged a foot taller than the Spanish. These were the Okonee and Tamatli branches of the Muskogean Culture – ancestors of the Creek Indians. The Spanish called them Los Indios Gigantes... the Giant Indians. De Soto’s chroniclers claimed that some Great Suns (Chief Priests) of the ancestral Creek provinces were seven feet tall.

LINK:  Were the Irish in America before Columbus or did a tribe in the South Carolina meet the criteria of a giant tribe? The Duhares were a tribe of people with gray eyes, tanned skin, and red to brown hair, as well as being unusually tall.  Their king, King Datha was said to be very very tall and tattood. 

The legends of white-skinned and light-haired, mining giants being in America before the Amerindians arrived seems to be supported by many finds unearthed. 

It is my hope that we can validate the Native legends and also prove the first to colonize this continent by unearthing a giant today in a world where it's hard to suppress knowledge as it's unfolding.