"The Secret to Skinwalker Ranch" Season 5 Episode 9 and "Beyond Skinwalker Ranch"


"Spinning Out" 

A stunning and disturbing series of events occurs when the drilling team is working on the mesa. 

"Beyond Skinwalker Ranch" 

"Ancient Dimensions"

Andy and Paul go to one of the largest Native petroglyphs sites in the world. They find some of the best evidence of unidentified phenomena they have ever recorded. 

"The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch"

It opened with a very large military plane circling the ranch at a very low altitude. The team can tell there is something of interest to the military on the ranch. 

They ponder if the military is interested because a few years ago they drilled into the mesa and found a 400-foot impenetrable dome and metal shavings that were studied and matched the same metallic makeup of what shields spacecraft for reentry. 

The powerful drilling rig has been working to drill way up into the mesa in two locations to be able to insert instruments for measuring what is inside the earth.

Four Star Ranch, Utah (20 miles SE of the Skinwalker ranch), Thomas, Candace, and Jim met up with the ranch owner who was having issues with cattle. A week-old colt in the corral, was just fine but next day it was dead. It was mutilated. There were no footprints of an attacker and there was no blood around it. They had lost a few cattle and they look like they had hide ripped away but neat and clean. This occurred at 180 feet. The monitoring equipment revealed a 1.6 GHz signal. Last week, one was being broadcast from that same area. It appears the 1.6 GHz is coming from Homestead 2 as they are drilling against the dome-shaped object.

Meanwhile, the drilling team is having a hard time again, hitting something hard. The drill bit is being pushed down by the hard area. 

Travis and Kaleb rushed over with instruments at behind Homestead 2. Travis found the signal at Homestead 2. Travis picks the signal up directly overhead there. The men decide to bring rockets and launch into that signal area in the sky above Homestead 2 area. The team is excited that they found a location of the 1.6 GHz signal now that they have Kracken instrumentation to trae origins. As the rocket came down by parachute, the signal went away. At this same time, the Kracken had trouble locating anything.

They sent up another rocket and as it came down by parachute, it got stuck in the air about 200 feet up, as if held by something.

Thomas lets the team know the bit is still going down, they are pulling it out and change bits, but leave the spoils for them to sort through.

The men used a magnet to test pieces of thin metal found in the dregs. This could confirm it wasn't a fluke, they are finding metal again from the potential dome-shaped object.

The team changes drills for an 8" one instead of 4". Drilling got underway the next morning. Erik and Travis monitored the meters. A strange 919 MHz was going strong on all antennae. This was in the range of small equipment used for spying. The military planes and helicopters may have been dropping surveillance devices around the ranch. 

The drillers reported they are hitting something incredibly hard and barely moving, the drill was struggling. It should have cut through sandstone easily. The drill moved, but very very slowly through this hard thing.

Then, the cows began to act weird and move from their location. One of the team went to check it out. The spectrum antalyzer died and at the same time, a calf was going in circles and mooing. They called on Thomas to come look at what was up with it. he reported the calf's eyes were white. Travis tells him that's what happens when exposed to microwaves. He warns Thomas about that. Travis investigates but finds a compass is off 20 degrees to the east where the cow was spinning in circles. Thomas and Kaleb went to herd up the cattle and separate the mother and calf from the herd. 

The drillers called the team over as weird things were going on. They are losing communication with their beacon transmitter so they don't know which direction drill is headed. They drilled about 100 inches into this thing very slowly. 

Thomas got the owner of the cows to come and get the calf looked at by veterinarian. The veterinarian said the eyes ruptured inside and bled. She is blind now. 

(I looked it up and - exposure to high levels of microwaves can cause cataracts.)

My commentary - 

Preview of next week shows the greenish-blue glob coming out of the drill site. I've already predicted this is cyanobacterium. Chinese eat it for health, but it does need photosynthesis. If someone needed a nutrition diet if they had no teeth, this would be ideal, but how to grow it in darkness? 

"Beyond Skinwalker Ranch"

Rock Art Ranch in Northern AZ is the site Andy and Paul investigate. These locations could be a portal or cavern system marker. There are so many petroglyphs, they haven't all been documented. 

The resesarchers entered a beautiful rock wall canyon with amazing figures. There were carved petroglyphs, figures with 3 fingers among ones with 5 fingers. They were showing what they were encountering. Energy/frequency/vibration might be the thing the spiral looking shapes could be recording.

The team took measurements there. There was zero electrical fields there which is impossible as sites are on average around 0.2. They decide to look at the radio spectrum. 1.6GHz shows up just like at at Skinwalker Ranch. It is a frequency utilized for earth to space and space to earth communication.

The Navajo believed they came through many worlds, a hole in the sky, and they climbed through it. There were some glyphs of creatures with plates on their backs like dinosaurs. They pull out the FLIR to look at heat signatures. They found a much warmer area near some spiral shapes. 

A partially excavated dwelling site with ruins is the next stop. They use radio spectrum analyzer to look for 1.6 GHz signal that they got in the canyon and this location has it too. They realize they found heat which is energy and frequency 1.6 GHz, and all they need now is vibration. They decide to bring a drum circle there. 

As the drum circle begins, the team sits at the monitors. They noticed temperature changes around the tribal musicians. The music stopped and the temperature went up 5 degrees. They started playing again and temperature started dropping 7 degrees. It appears they changed singers and it started a new threshold. The men saw something moving oddly in the sky, a UAP. 

Reviewing footage, they found a UAP that had a bigger than 90 degree turn at a high speed. They ponder what happens between the energy filled walls, the spiral, and they feel doing the sound in the canyon where the petroglyphs are might given stronger amounts of frequency, energy, and vibration. (This is intriguing as archaeoacoustics showed ancient man designed locations for the vibration with certain frequencies).

The Native singer says he wants them to not record his song as it has ancestors' names in it and such. They can measure and film. That was very respectful and a great compromise.

They found heating happening again. They begin to ponder if the music vibration creates a catalyst.  They also see a UAP. the Navajo men heard what sounded like somethign in the rocks, voice-like sounds. As they report this, a UAPs show on the screen but they come to think they are happening in the canyon. 

The team decides to share this with the Skinwalker Team for input. 

The teams saw that energy, frequency, and vibration creates a cause and effect these ancient peoples knew about. It doesn't have to be a UAP, but could be an orb or bit of moving energy. 

My commentary - 

The study of sound therapy is an intriguing one. Just think of how you feel when you hum or sing, listen to a favorite band, or a choir. 

I am undergoing training and certification. There are sound videos on YouTube for various frequencies and various frequencies that help you heal various things. It's something to explore. More info on frequencies for healing. 

Hunt For the Skinwalker