Reviews "The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch" Season 5 Episode 7 "and "Beyond Skinwalker Ranch"


Last night's episode, "The Cone Zone" had the team utilizing the lasers again. This time, however, they made a real breakthrough in understanding.

Season 2, Episode 2 of "Beyond Skinwalker Ranch" has the team at the Mt. Wilson ranch Bigelow once owned, deciding to dig deep for answers to whether or not there is an alien spacecraft underground. 

This was perhaps one of the most chilling episodes. The drillers continued to try to dig boreholes into the mesa, on both sides of the supposed dome-shaped object so that casing could be inserted for instruments to go in and get a better measurement of what's in the mesa. Of course, they ran into something hard that broke off the drill pipe. They reached around 300 feet into the mesa before they hit something extremely hard.

The laser team came back again and ran a laser up, the laser stopped at around 2000 feet as if it hit something hard. The tip of the light beam became broken and oddly T-shaped. 

At this time, Erik saw on infrared, a bright light slowly descending behind the mesa.

Twice they shot rockets up near the laser, both times the rockets zig-zagged away as if trying to go around something invisible.

Thomas's camera stopped working every time he lifted it to use it. 

The 1.6 GHz signal showed up being transmitted from behind Homestead 2 by Erik in headquarters. Travis aimed the meter toward that direction and captured the 1.6 GHz signal. 

Erik gathered the team into headquarters to look over data from the laser experiment. A hand-held Lidar that Jakob used during the experiment as he walked around the triangle area, caught something that is impossible - lidar showing data points underground. 

(lidar column of data points and curved "wall" creating a vortex) 

(animation of what it was shaped like)

Terrestrial lidar showed a column of data points like a huge tunnel from the ground at the triangle up 2000 feet and another one behind Homestead 2 that leaned toward the other structure, with a curve wall-like resonance around the poles, creating a cone that went up 2000 feet to a point. A viewpoint from inside the cone showed that honestly looked like a scifi description of a portal.

My commentary - 

This was a very satisfying episode. I think they are onto something and as I watched Beyond Skinwalker Ranch, I considered why the team at Skinwalker Ranch hasn't tried low frequency bass that might penetrate the mesa, to get a response from within and show something that is, well, live.

When the beam stopped at around 2000 ft, why didn't they turn on all the lasers? Why didn't they move the laser to find out the shape of this thing?

Why don't they move the drill rig to behind Homestead 2? Something was transmitting from there. It might be another easier to drill area to check out.

"Beyond Skinwalker Ranch"

This aired after the fantastic skinwalker episode. 

The team decides to do conductivity test in the lower meadow where Bigelow believed a ship of some kind was buried. It showed super high conductivity at 100 feet deep, a small gap and then more high conductivity 200 feet down, leading them to realize this thing was shaped a bit like a manta ray. 

They assume this was either concealed or it had been there long enough to be covered in hundreds of feet of soil. It also lined up with Bigelow's team that admitted they believed there was something manta ray shaped underground. 

Bigelow had left behind some equipment, so the team examined it. Three projectors - high power ones, that could send out a bright light show. This gives them the idea to start it up and use it in an experiment in the lower meadow.

The movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" had the computer scientist, Jacques Vallee, as a consultant on the idea of utilizing a colored light show to communicate. There was even a photo of Jacques at the ranch with the Bigelow team.

They set up tons of monitoring equipment and ran light shows. They saw nothing happening, but then they decided to try signals at a lower frequency, one that would penetrate the ground. At 68 Hz they saw a response that patterned the light show. This bleed effect came across as a communication.

Drone they sent up got just off the ground and failed, falling to earth. It would take microwave signal to do that, and that would mean a large piece of equipent would need to be near to send that signal 

The team realized they couldn't bring big equipment to lower meadow as it's a marsh. So they decided to bring the excavator back to the collapse area where buried equipment was found. They want him to remove as much metal as possible and then they would bring in a driller to try to get what appears to be a tunnel to the lower meadow. 

The GPS Data is showing a drone flown over the property came out haywire looking - not consistent with the actual flight pattern. 

The drill started up in the collapsed site and then the equipment failed and shut off. A ton of codes came up and it won't restart. Limp mode was engaged to help get drill out of area and then see if it reboots normally. Sadly, it would not reboot, tons of errors. They were not going to be able to drill with this new model drill.

The team met up with the Skinwalker Ranch team.  The team was baffled and amazed. They believe they are coming close to something shocking - unexplained or governmental.

My commentary - 

This was a good episode. It's intriguing considering Bigelow's participation earlier, what he knew, why he left let it go. Previews show that this team is about to come across some things that are utterly awe-inspiring. Exciting season!

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