Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Review "The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch" Season 5 Episode 6

"Beaming Up"

As the team begins drilling into the mesa, where a massive buried and possibly metallic object is embedded, they have a startling encounter.

This episode gets big kudos for throwing everything at it - time lapse photography, rockets, FLIR, LIDAR, cameras, laser beams - 

They did more drilling hoping to get around this debris found on imaging, but the drills once again hit something hard that drove them off of the directions they sought. The team considers redrilling in a different way. During the drilling, they got some bizarre radio signals inside the mesa. 

During laser experiments, they got some strange signals going on, but a 1.6 GHz signal behind homestead 2. As well, FLIR showed a hot boulder near the area where the UAP had exited the mesa. 

The exciting part of all this was when the beams were sent up and they shot off rockets. The rockets got diverted at around 100 feet. The laser beams showed that the green beams had breaks in them and the blue ones did not. This was very odd, these gaps. Something highly unique.

The team decides they need to bring lasers back to see if this occurs again. 

*     *    *

This was also the night of the season opener for "Beyond Skinwalker Ranch." I was thrilled to see them go back to Mt. Wilson, the other ranch that Bigelow bought to study, believing there was a craft in the ground there. The last time the team went there, the blizzard got in the way of the study. This time, good weather and high strangeness. 

They ran a magnotometer from a drone above the field to see if there was any voids underground. In the mean time, the team was going to sleep in a room on the ranch that Bigelow used to stay in. When Bigelow stayed there, he awakened to a very tall "Shaman" bent over, as he was taller than the ceiling. He told Bigelow to leave, and he did, selling the ranch.

The team went to digging up the field and brought up tons of debris from equipment, rusted and a bag that was dated 2005, showing that likely Bigelow had bulldozed stuff and then sold the ranch to the present owner. 

They did a magnotometer study of the ground in the suspect meadow and found something between 50-100 feet down that has high condunctivity and a large size. 

*    *    *

Tonight's "The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch" was interesting, but a lot of techno equipment and set up and analysis. Nerd me loves it, but I also would like to see more side stories - talking to locals, studying mesa for unknown glyphs, retrieving the rest of the "dog" body from the creek. I think Tom and Candace are ideal for such investigations.

Here's a fine recap by a smart channel - 

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