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Mesa Arizona Hauntings

I have an ongoing study of the City of Mesa and unusual ghostly findings that may have ancient roots.

Ancient HoHoKam canals map

I kept getting people from the city of Mesa, Arizona complaining about ghostly issues that seemed to repeat themselves in description by many people. 

I looked around at the geology and found nothing of significance or in the history of the town, except if you go back to ancient times and a missing tribe called the HoHoKam whose canal system fed from this area.

As well, upon visiting one of their mounds in Mesa behind the hospital off of Country Club Road, I learned that many neighbors around that mound area have these same haunting issues on a larger scale.

In my studies of the characteristics of haunted locations, ancient sites, mining geology, and waterways are significant. 

I've had a substantial reporting for several years. Anyone with more to add, please let me know at or comment anonymously below - 

People in the area report:

Doors opening and closing
Feelings of being watched/doom/uncomfortable
Shadow people
Objects being thrown
Pets acting strangely

I am going to give some regions of the town I've heard from just from that post alone:

University west of the 101: (talking, footsteps, heavy sensation)

Country Club, North of 8th Ave: (report of haunting)

University and Gilbert: (footsteps, shuffling sounds, voices, uneasy heavy feeling, cat and child reported but not living there)

West of Ellsworth between McDowell and McKellips: (seeing things in windows, voices)

Main and Extension: (heavy feelings, unsettling)

East of Country Club, South of Brown: (small child, growls, cabinet opening, mists, crying, screaming, shadow figures, eerie feelings)

Country Club, south of Broadway: (talking, touching, shadow person, apparitions)

South of Main, West of Extension: (uneasy feelings, apparitions, sounds, voices)

East of Mesa Dr., North of University: (voices, uncomfortable feelings)

Stapley and Brown: footsteps, apparitions, blinds moving, physical touching, electrical issues.

Broadway and 2nd Ave: Apartments reportedly haunted

North of Southern, West of Gilbert:  (Being touched, poked, feeling uneasy)

South of McDowell, West of Usery Pass: (People seen in windows when house is empty, voices)

University, west of Stapley:  (Believed to be child ghost playing tricks on office workers, female apparition, believed to be 1920s era)

East of Extension, North of 8th Ave: (pots and pans falling, man breathing, footsteps, doors opening and closing)

Country Club and McKellips:  (sounds in closet, male apparition seen by child, doors opening, toys moving)

University, East of Ellsworth:  (someone reporting a haunting)

Country Club and Guadalupe: (balls of light, feeling of being watched, objects moving, tapping on window, scratching on walls, child reporting apparition, electrical turning on and off, adult saw apparition of boy in overalls)

First Avenue, East of Mesa Dr.: (report of tunnels under the old downtown area from the Mormon Temple and outward)

Aspen Ave. off Jefferson Park: (cats watching things that aren't there)

Gilbert and University: (footsteps, being watched, being pushed, someone turning doorknob, animal seeing things not there, closets opening and closing)

East of Center Street, north of the consolidated canal:  (hearing voices)

Val Vista and University: (child apparition)

South of Brown and East of Country Club Dr.:  Apparently possessed by a demon. 

I'm looking for characteristics that might explain an entire city having issues with haunting more than the usual. I'm all about commonalities and repeatability.

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