Alien Grey Faces Around the World and My Own Encounters

Cusco, Peru 

As someone who openly admits being a contactee, I'm a bit fascinated by anyone else who has had these encounters. Apparently, they have been going on a long time. Here are just some from around the world - 

cave in Oregon

Hopi First Mesa, Arizona

puma punku 

Mexican Cave 

Bath Spa, UK

Luxor, Egypt

aboriginal, Australia

Sanxingdui, China



Bandelier Park, New Mexico


Bellow's Falls, Vermont

Marquesas Islands

Virgin Islands

Sardinia, Italy 



Of all the foreign beings mankind could fashion into art, it seems rather coincidental they all viewed something with a slight body, a huge head and gigantic eyes. 

It would be remiss of me to not include my own personal encounters with Greys. I will try to give as much detail as possible so that anyone else with encounters might feel understood and those without encounters or skeptical, may see something of interesting curiosity to ponder the possibilities. 

Believe me, I was not a believer in alien abductions and encounters. As a child in the 60s, we didn't have imagery to go by for what an alien should look like except the ridiculous notions of the 1950s scifi movies. 

I do remember as a kid feeling as if some kind of being was watching me all the time. As I played, I often narrated out loud so they would know what I'm doing. It wasn't a paranoia as if I thought my room was bugged, it was something ethereal/unseen monitoring me. It was very palpable and it seemed rather benevolent and parental. 

First encounter - approximately age 4 turning 5. 

I came awake in my canopy bed. I sat up on my elbows to see about 4-feet away, an alien grey. He had a strange stone where the third eye is represented, forehead between the eyes. Seeing this, my first thought was he was a king. 

Flanking him on either side, slightly behind him were two tall white beings with a similar body type and a bone white look to them compared to the little 4-foot tall being's gray tone. I do not recall looking up at their faces, as I imagined they were king's guards. I left a question mark where their heads would be (on my drawing), but easily around 7-feet tall. I felt not mind association with them, my focus was completely on the grey. I felt an odd bond.

Mindspeak - this is easy for any psychic to understand as we don't necessarily hear chatter in people's heads, but we simply feel a transfer of their knowledge into our minds and we interpret that in our own words. This grey was intently focused upon me and emotionally I felt from him a fierce pride. I felt toward him another father figure or mentor.

The message was interpreted by me as - 

I have given you some things that make you different. You wil go through many trials in your life. At some point, later on, you will begin to use what I gave you and then you have a mission. You will not see me again.

I recall feeling a sadness as I felt like only he understood me. 

It becomes foggy about how he left, but I envision him floating out the window, through it - and up into the air. I do not know if this is something my child mind imagined or I actually saw. 

Interestingly, I blanked out the memory. The residue remained. I tended to wake often and excitedly look around for something that I hoped was in the room. I began that practice of often narrating my thought process out loud. 

It wasn't until, as an adult, I went to a hypnotist to deal with behavior changes I wanted to make (giving up a chocolate addiction), when she had me revisit my childhood. I was in that room again and remembering the tiniest details I had forgotten; the wallpaper pattern, the nook where I tossed my shoes, the white bedspread with little white balls in a pattern across it, the lavendar flannel blanket I dragged everywhere. 

The hypnotist told me to look around the room and I did. Hypnosis is an interesting state of mind. You take directions quiet literally. As she didn't ask me to tell her what I saw, I simply looked. My eyes locked onto the aliens and I recalled the encounter so vividly, I could smell the damp musty scent when the windows were open in the summertime. 

When she took me back to present day, I left the office and never went back again. I thought to myself, "hypnosis is hooey as I saw aliens and I know that didn't happen, so what else do I recall in hypnosis that's invalid?" 

It wasn't until later when I reviewed the prior sessions that I realized everything had been acutely accurate. 

A part of me felt a relief to explain some of my quirks (the grey referenced this) and it was the statement about me being given things that make me different that really shocked me.

Genius IQ level
Facial amnesia
Time and space synesthesia
Storing knowledge outside my body in a grid
Extreme shyness that had my head in books a lot
Psychic skills across the board with focus on psychometry (ability to read objects that had been handled by others)

I also pondered the odd circumstances of my birth. My father had been in a very secretive government position with a card that allowed him to jump flights without question. Mother didn't know where he was or what he was doing, calls in the night.... 

The day I was born my father started his first day out of the job and placed into a head job in HR at USPS headquarters. 

Another oddity is that mom had cancer around 36 years of age, was told she couldn't have more kids after treatment. At the age of 38, she got pregnant with me and I had unusual abilities.

Seventeen-years later I got the same cancer, the same treatment and told I had maybe a 20% chance of having a child. Eight years later, I had my son who had even higher intelligence and skills than me.

During my marriage, I suppressed my intelligence and my psychic abilities as to not get him upset. He was not a believer in anything and definitely highly competitive. I basically shrank to fit his needs. I tucked away all the aspects of me that made me very unique. Now and then, I would awaken screaming with night terrors because I would open my eyes and a grey had its face inches from mine, this huge gray head, these dark staring eyes. My ex thought I had sleep issues. I swore it had been there in the room. 

At the end of my marriage, I officially began blogging about the paranormal, researching ghosts on investigations, and doing lots of psychic readings for friends. 

I also went back to college with a major in a field of medical science, having never had a science class in my life. I got a 4.0 in my courses and my certification. I felt like I found a super power I didn't know I had. My husband saw a side of me I'd been hiding. 

I also had gone through panic disorder and researched and got over it permanently in 3 months' time. I went on to run an anxiety disorder self-help group, giving lectures, workshops, and writing articles on the subject with great notice. 

I was using my skills to the max. And having gone through tons of losses and traumas, and then deciding to leave my 26-year marriage, I had done my series of trials and then some.

Three years out of the marriage, I was continuing to use my skills and, in fact, learned about stock trading and excelled enough to leave my job in the medical field (it had been a dying skill and I was way underpaid), so I was learning and trading stocks while working full-time, writing my blog, investigating ghosts, writing and publishing books. I am not sure how I did it all at the same time, but I felt an energy about something unfolding - a fate.

In my apartment, I woke up, wide awake for some reason. I realized I needed to pee, so I swung my legs over the side of the bed and sat up, and then saw an alien grey, perhaps 4 feet away, between me and the bathroom. I remember thinking, "don't stand up, you'll scare it. You're tall." 

I had no fear at all. I was fascinated about how it took up the space in the oddest way, rather like if you push your hand through a sheet and you see the shape of the hand, but it seems to carry something with it. He felt as if he carried an energy about him and was projecting himself into a 3D form from a higher dimension. 

I also sensed other beings. I turned to see one at the corner of my bed near where my feet had been. There was another at the center foot of the bed, and yet one more on the opposite side of my bed from where I slept. Four beings. All staring.

My first sense from them was surprise. They seemed to have been informed I cannot be paralyzed and hoped to visit while I slept, but as always I was very aware of their presence. 

Although they looked almost identical like identical twins, as I studied them, there were things about them that were slightly different. Looking back, I ponder if perhaps I was sensing their individual personalities and not necessarily their physical attributes, but it's like when you know someone is funny, you imagine him smiling all the time.

They had a shared goal and roles, but each one was unique. They responded physically/mentallyemotionally differently. 

I felt an energy from the one at the foot of my bed. I considered it to be the leader of the team. As I stared at him, I got the sense in my own words - 

"You are using your skills. Your mission is coming." 

Just then, the leader's chest gave off a strange red orange light. It was plasma like, not shining off anything around it, self contained. It spread from his solar plexus area and engulfed all of him until it disappeared and he was gone. 

The one I faced when I was sitting up, got engulfed in the light as did the one where my feet had been at the corner of the bed. They disappeared together. 

There was one left, on the opposite side of the bed. I was fascinated by his skin, it seemed like perhaps a very tight suit and the texture looked like ultra fine suede. I crawled across the bed, arm out, hoping to touch his arm. 

The being turned away nervously. I could feel the tension of him concentrating. They carried no gadgetry but their consciousness was very powerful. He was focusing hard to make the light take him away.

I recall thinking in my head, "Dude, I can still see you." With him turned away it felt like he thought I wouldn't notice him. Then, as I dared to touch him, he disappeared in the light. The light was so well-contained I did not see it on my fingers or hands. 

The room smelled of ozone. The temperature rose sharply and then dropped to normal. I sprang from the bed and turned on the light to see if they left footprints. I looked out the window into the dark night sky - nothing. No craft.

It was a few exhausted weeks later, trying to trade stocks while working a job that depended on typing medical reports as quickly and accurately as possible, that I went to bed angry.

"Okay, little grey people - if you want me to do a mission, you need to make me independent to do this thing. I can't do it with my life as it is. I need to leave my job. Give me a stock I can trade in enough to leave my job. Just one stock and you have me fulfilling your goal."

I went to bed with great skepticism about them, about me. 

I woke up in the morning and I kept hearing one thing in my ear the whole time, "INO, INO, INO, INO" and when I was fully conscious, I realized I had once traded in a stock called INO. 

It was 4 am and I had to get up early every morning to catch up on stocks and prepare for the East Coast to open the market. I went and studied where INO was and realized they look like they were in a good place. So, I bought and sold some stock. Soon, I was doing this twice a week, building up more and more equity. Within several months, I was able to quit my miserable job (ironically great timing as the company went bankrupt a couple weeks later).

Now, it was getting harder and harder to consider greys as a dream fantasy. 

I moved to a new apartment across town to have new surroundings. But, within a few months of that, I woke up at night completely awake. I was aware I was not alone. I could see a 4-foot tall being just 3 feet away out of the corner of my eye. I kept my face aimed at the ceiling, sensing by its energy it was the one from my childhood, the one with the stone on its forehead. I recalled it saying I'd never see it again, so I obeyed and did not turn my head. But, his concentration on me was intense. It felt as if he was pouring information to me at a super fast rate of speed, like a hummingbird. Then, a flash of light and he was gone. 

I laid there with a simple statement in my head. It was not words I use. In fact, I later had to look up the word "schism" as I knew it was a divide or space, but not sure exactly what it meant. It had to do with the distance between two ideals, rather like a Catholic's religious views compared to a Muslim or a Democrat to a Republican.

The mission he dropped into my head I opened and read with my own interpretation from a knowledge to words - 

"Find the schism between the worlds. Open and close the door at will in front of witnesses."

What I didn't realize as I went and got some water and came back to bed was that he loaded a "zip file" into my mind. The next day, it began opening and suddenly I had more knowledge. Knowledge that shocked me.

Long ago, man regularly interacted with energies/beings from other worlds. They didn't think it was odd as it was something they always knew, so it was part of their natural life. Many cave drawings and art reflected their respect and reverance. Things like Native People going on vision quests and some manipulating their babies skulls to elongate were not unusual, but very much a part of these amazing interactions. 

In a desire to see what mankind would do if they didn't have these regular interactions became a designed experiment. What would we do if we didn't see things as physical and nonphysical? This world and other worlds? Our race and other races? We had a vague memory that brought about the God concept that maintained the possibility of "magical" beings and worlds. However, we focused on physicality, mortality, this crude three dimensional plane - 

They are beginning to more and more expose us to these other worldly beings and energies to evaluate our response. There are more UFO and alien encounters, more Bigfoot and ghost encounters, more unexplained occurrences. 

If we handle this well and accept it, we're good to go We will regain more knowledge of physical and nonphysical realms. If we do not handle it well, we are cut off from all realms. This would also include "Heaven" and our spirits would be trapped here.

Believe me, I'm more skeptical about the alien aspects of the unexplained, but I also have had encounters there were very real, very interesting, and I actually look forward to encounters. This is a contactee situation and not an abduction one, so I have stayed quiet as it can be upsetting to those who have had bad experiences. It's rare to find another contactee to share the parts of the puzzle and understand the weird connection. 

I hope that in some way this discussion helps others. I know that as I have gone along, I occasionally run into someone and their name clicks something in my head and I know they are part of the puzzle so I seek friendship and conversations. I've been given the instruments to figure this out and intuitively know when I encounter a part of the puzzle. 

Will I find the schism? Will I open and close the door in front of witnesses? I am beginning to think I have an opportunity for this. 

And, in the oddest of coinciidences, I have to have faith - a word often associated with spirituality.