Thursday, May 9, 2024

Why Skinwalker Ranch Research Team is Missing the Quantum Entanglement Factor


In the interview above, the team describes things of a quantum entanglement nature, mindspeak, and pronounced sense of intent. 

The members shared how out of the blue they would be thinking of contacting someone at the moment they contact them simultaneously. 

Many of us have experienced how, out of the blue, we think about someone we haven't thought about in some time and that day they email, text, or call us. It's as if we had felt they were thinking about us and it opened a path.

Psychics can tell you that mindspeak is gaining knowledge we don't normally possess, as if someone handed us their knowledge. 

Dragon mentioned wording something the way Erik would say it and utilizing words or phrases that makes him go, "how do I know this?" That is a form of mindspeak. 

In my contacts throughout my life with greys, there is no language, simply I know what they know. If it's a lot of information, it uploads like a zip file it takes me 24 hours to parce out and figure out all the knowledge.

Dean Radin, author of "Entangled Minds," describes psychic skills the way I have observed my own all my life. I used to be scared to know what I know, but I realize that somehow, I am accessing the knowledge of someone else as if our minds are entangled. 

Adding one more aspect to this geomagnetic storms activate the pineal gland and gives us vivid dreams. In ghost hunting investigations, I found 100% of the time there were geomagnetic storms my team, that is not psychically intuitive, they would report lots of encounters with ghostly activity. When there were no geomagnetic storms, they were not perceiving activity.  Not being psychically trained or focused, the activation of the geomagentic storm on their pineal glands caused them to suddenly be psychic receivers.

What if the ranch team tries monitoring geomagnetic storm activity? Perhaps this is occurring even in very localized areas on the ranch and if the line of fire, the pineal gland is activated. A simple access to NOAA space weather archives would be helpeful. Perhaps they are all better able to perceive what is there all the time because the geomagnetic storms are affecting their intuitive. 

Is it possible that whatever is occurring is creating a quantum entanglement? Is the ranch getting in the way of their experiments because of the same principle found in the double slit experiment? When the study is being studied, it provides different results as of being evasive.

There are all these tantalizing clues that they are baffled by that line up perfectly with quantum entanglement. 

I do hope they pursue these avenues that might allow them to reverse engineer the phenomena by seeing what it does and then parcing out what might cause these results. 

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