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The Secret at Skinwalker Ranch, Season 5, Episode 5

"The Flash." 

New GPR shows some unusual things embedded in the mesa.

The team wondered about why they got a metallic taste in their mouths as the ground in the triangle was being drilled. They found electric field between the drilling unit and the ground. 

They put a GPS unit on the drilling rig, but the GPS showed it as if the drilling unit went into the mesa. It lined up with a prior scanning near the mesa that showed a potential metallic tunnel. 

Conclusion: Something under the ground is affecting data. 

During drilling they used a high speed camera shooting directly above the drill site into the sky with hundreds of images per second.They captured many extremely fast moving UAPs.

The team decided to continue drilling there.

In the mean time, Jan Ferancke (GPS expert) and Kaleb decided to use some new equipment Jan has to look at the area where the apparent dome-shaped item was they ran into in a prior season - revealing strange metal pieces. 

Candace and Tom (caretakers) met with two locals to define more about thie potential dire wolf concept. Addy and Bubba Diaz were interviewed about cattle mutilations. 

There had been a prior mutilation and the cow had been gutted out, no blood, liver set aside on a log. The Bigelow team back then was called in to study it. 

As they interviewed the locals, a very low-flying large, military-looking plane flew overhead.

Jan joined team to show them his latest GPR scan at drill site. He got 12 hits on same anomaly further and further back atop the mesa. It seems like a metallic object at least 300 feet long, maybe larger. 

Jan then was able to create a 3-dimensional shape around it. It showed a large item and then pieces like a debris field. 

The team recalled a while back when an expert mentioned it looked like someone blasted the mesa in the past, perhaps to cover something up.

Travis said they should drill in those areas where the data showed something potentially metallic.

Travis brought his daughter, Kalista, to the ranch. Kalista is scientist in making. She built a sensor to help them out. It includes GPS, pressure, trajectory by accelerometer. She is an electrical engineering student. This multisensor device was attached to the drone to look around drill site. The drone lost its GPS capability in the same area they always run into that can't collect data in the spot. 

The drilling operation continued looking for a possible underground tunnel. They hit a hard surface that wouldn't allow them to go further. The driller rod that gathers the core sample got stuck down in hole and they couldn't bring it back up. 

Erik said, "let's go to the center of the triangle and drill there." Yay Erik!

As it turns dark, Travis decided to shoot rockets and see what happens as they drill. 

Right above their heads, the team sees a light flashing rhythmically. It remained in the same spot in the sky. 

Dragon suggested shooting another rocket to see if it reappeared again. 

The drilling team hit bedrock and they were going to pull up a core sample. 

The team then saw a shining UAP in the sky. 

Shockingly, the core sample was opened and almost nothing in it after hitting something hard. The best guess is that whatever they cored shattered and dropped out like gravel. 

The team got together to evaluate Jim's and Erik's findings after studying all the data. 

Kalista's instrument's GPS showed an anomaly in the same location it always captures a jump that doesn't line up with the actual path. Her sensors showed oddities in same location, including the area where the UAP came out of the mesa previously.

Erik's video captured the thing flashing in the sky, a perfect spherical green orb.

This looked similar to another anomaly they caught years ago. 

*** TUESDAY JUNE 4TH - new season for "Beyond Skinwalker Ranch." 

It was a satisfying episode, still quite baffling. Should something have impacted the area very very long ago, it might have created the boulder debris that created the mesa. It would have to have been very long ago to let the landscape cover the evidence and create what looks like a mesa.

The upcoming episode looks great and they even finally shoot lasers up in the sky to find gaps in their light beams.... 

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