Monday, May 13, 2024

Skinwalker Ranch: Frequency: Interdimensional? Heaven?


The 1.6 GHz signals had me pondering some things about Skinwalker Ranch. One is that when I was ghost investigating, I once had a long back and forth "conversation" with my EMF meter until I realized it was going on and off with the air-conditioner and when the air-conditioner wasn't running, it wasn't answering. 

One time, on my telephone answering machine a woman driving down the street with a satellite phone had her conversation out loud on my machine. 

The machine is a receiver. She hadn't even called my phone number, but her conversation was being blast out over my machine like a ghost voice in the other room. In fact, as the realtor drove back down my street again, she was still on her phone and her conversation was blaring on my machine. 

It's like those ghost talk boxes that run up and down the frequencies spitting out random words. It is a receiver, but what it's receiving is not verifiable. 

As they've proven on the ranch the goverment's interest in their site by their undocumented fly-bys, it would seem that the government's 1.6 GHz communication frequency could be picked up. But, then, they are rare visitors to the ranch and not present during these signals. 

Perhaps the best way to test is to go to a site away from the Uintas and run similar tests. As they seem to be the only site focused on frequencies, we are missing that they are everywhere. The only way to find out it's not incidental  or location-dependent is to compare with other locations. 

The question the team might want to ask is - are they having contact points with another dimension or perhaps with what we call "Heaven"? 

Religion aside, our mortal time is a facsimile of the soul - perhaps a being from a higher dimension. We take photos of us and save these 2D images to capture a second in time, but imagine if our soul expresses itself in a mortal form as a way to capture how it would live a physical life? 

Basically, the concept of Heaven and the concept of a higher dimension might be the same thing.

So, is there anything thwarting the testing on the ranch and intentionally hurting members of the team or is that an incidental result of interaction? 

Does the "intelligence" know it's hurting us when there is a 1.6 GHz sounded? 

Compare this to you drawing a mustache on your ex girlfriend's photograph. You are altering the image, making it something it wasn't on the 2D capture. Perhaps a higher dimensional being can alter our dimension, changing some things from what they were naturally without intervention? 

If the forces on the ranch meant harm, they could do harm beyond compare. 

Let's say you have a friend who just got drops in his eyes to dilate them for an eye test and you shine a flashlight in the yard and it causes him pain. 

It wasn't intentional. You didn't understand what it's like to have your eyes dilated. 

Perhaps an intelligence does not realize that we react to frequenies and gamma rays, microwave rays in a detrimental way? 

Perhaps someone guiding meditation to the team might be a new portal of understanding. If all the brain states can reach the same frequency, perhaps the team could "will" something to happen, like asking a UAP to show itself. 

There can be a part of our own brain frequencies that might "mindspeak"and communicate in a way other than just blasting signals in GHz. 

Some of the members have mentioned a sense of it possibly being spiritual in nature at times, others that fear it and when you fear something, what happens? You become the target of the negative energy. 

People have asked me why I don't bring home ghosts or get possessed, and other negative things while I investigation hauntings. I simply can't. I both believe myself to be steadfast and inpenetrable in my unique and precious place here, but I also hold zero beliefs of Satan, possession, and Evil as an intelligent force. 

The reason that Erik and Dragon do not experience hitchhikers might be a one or the other or both mindsets. 

Whatever they are tapping on Skinwalker Ranch, I do hope to see the mind-event connection tested. Every time they plot out an experiment at length, it seems to get thwarted, but spontaneous experiments have success.

So you think, so shall you reap - 

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