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Review "The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch" Season 5, Episode 3



"Dead in the Water"

Amazing UAPs when the team decides to investigate the waters of the creek that runs through the property. 

For the occasion, I made a Skinwalker Ranch Quesadilla UAP. 

I cooked ground beef, chopped bacon and pepperoni and then added refried beans to bind it, buffalo sauce to flavor it. This was put on a tortilla in the skillet with shredded cheddar sprinkled on top of it. I put a petroglyph spiral portal on top with the appropriate "ranch" dressing. 

Jim and Sam sent a drone over the triangle to use lidar on it. The results made no sense. They got a 3-D looking perfect donut shape that gave the impression of a theoretical wormhole. 

The team decided to immediately go there, shoot off rockets and see if strange things were happening. Three rockets were sent up with straight paths into the sky thousands of feet and the GPS showed they were only hundreds of feet up and taking a turning path toward SE of triangle toward the exit point of that one UAP that went through the mesa on previous helicopter video.

The team headed to the museum to followup on the two dead birds and the cow rib with the tooth puncture. One of the birds still had color and freshness, no odor. The other bird seemed as if all its bones were broken in flight.> The rib, however, was shocking. A coyote and black bear's teeth were tested on the bone with a press and the teeth shattered. The only match was an extinct creature - the Dire Wolf. It not only fit right, but it had a sagital crest on the skull that creates a strong point for a jaw that is incredibly powerful, like that of an ape. 

A possible underground tunnel from the triangle to mesa was found twice on scanning in prior episodes, and the GPS screwups all line up. 

Erik brought up high speed camera footage that showed something spear-like moving very fast in the sky. I would say this was a flying bug. In the same time frame, Erik also captures another cylindrical flying thing and then yet one more captured on video. 

Erik wants a push-broom pattern on the ground to see if they can match it up with the other two data that showed a potential tunnel system. 

The team went to Dry Gulch Creek in the south field and decided to take to the river in search of something that was considered a possible dire wolf. 

The men put the equipment in the water and used a kayak to put the equipment in. The prior ranchowners had reported chasing a dire wolf to the creek. 

They decided to wade down the shallow creek. 

Erik at headquarters says they are at 5000 feet into the ground according to GPS. 

The team found a charred looking tree on the side of the creek that was not far from the fence post they found charred before. 

The team came across something on the creek bank - a dead animal. It was a canid of some type with big fangs. It wasn't very big, but the teeth were huge. They took some jaw from it for Ben to examine. 

This was a very intriguing episode that took us in a whole new direction that ties in the cryptid aspects. 

This is what a dire wolf looked like.
The dire wolf is an extinct canine. The dire wolf lived in the Americas during the Late Pleistocene and Early Holocene epochs. 130-150 pounds. 

Let's suppose that, like Blind Frog Ranch and it's once extinct snake-thing that lives in the underground caverns, Skinwalker Ranch might be housing things that we thought were extincxt that went underground. 

Things I ponder about the ranch - 

Have they ever considered lining Thomas's hat with faraday fabric? Have they ever put the iphone users phones in faraday bags? 

Have they considered having the occupants of the ranch tested for blood, blood pressure, other labs, electrical to see if these change after exposures?

Have they considered finding another site outside of the area where they monitor for the same things to prove that these are location-dependent and not phenomena that is everywhere but no one has monitored it anywhere else to see? 

GHz might be utilized for military and we know military is flying around the site, but have they ever considered THz? Colors are visualized for us in the frequency range of 400-700 THz. Could it be possible that the 1.6 GHz (equivalent to .0016 THz) isn't for communication, but for something visual out of our range of viewing?

As it does appear conscious thought is something interpreted by the "intelligence," would wearing some electrodes to the scalp and possibly working on a communication show us anything in the activity of the brain? Perhaps the use of an intuitive would be a good test. Stephen Greer researches along the lines of "calling on UFOs," so why not utilize his expertise. I mean, they've had a Rabbi and Native Americans on site, why not try a psychic or Greer? 

I'd certainly give my talents as both a psychic and a lifelong contactee who knows mindspeak well. 

Like all the other avid viewers, I look forward to more and more findings. 

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