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Review "The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch" Season 5 Episode 4


"Bad Taste" - the team decides to dig near the triangle.

I'm sorta half tempted to suggest a drinking game "down the portal." Every time Travis says "Traversible Laurentzian Wormhole" or "portal," we take a gulp.
What an episode! SPOILER ALERT - I am going over this episode bit by bit.

The burned olivewood tree and dead animal they harvested a jaw from were studied by Ben Woodruff from Hutchings Museum Institute. 

The wood showed signs of pyrolysis, burning without fire. The jaw was compared to the jaws of other known creatures, but this jaw - was an ideal match for a dire wolf. A DNA sample is necessary.

The team took Jan the GPR expert to the triangle area. They shot off rockets while he checked below ground and above ground GPR. 

The rocket shot off completely straight, thousands of feet up, but Erik reported the GPR showed completely different, low altitude, and convoluted paths and going into the mesa, oddly at the point at which the UAP had been shown to exit the mesa a prior time. 

As well, Jan reported something at 30 feet in the air at that time.*

They shot another rocket with the repeat issues.

*They didnt mention it, but I have to wonder if the GPR of the rocket going off course was the same amount of feet off the ground as Jan's in-air reading. 

The in-ground GPR showed some significant "thing" at the same location as other earlier imaging near the triangle that showed a potential tunnel or metal. 

The team decided to do a core sample. The drilling team come out and a sample showed a void in material. They decided to drill further to see how deep the void was, only a drilling worker started tasting metallic taste in his mouth.

They decided to usher him out. They had to shut down the drilling process without him. This reminds me of an interview done by Cristina Gomez where Thomas mentioned a time he was digging when suddenly his wife across town had an emergency he had to go attend to. Is something of intelligence taking out the most critical person to that experiment? 

There were no signs of unusual radiation, but after Erik has the metallic taste and was ushered away, Travis and Thomas investigated to find that the drill had become electrified. 

They shared a glimpse of next week's episode in which imaging shows something inside the mesa that can best be described as, "a debris field."

Go Team Skinwalker! 

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