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Photographing Interdimensional Beings


Some claim to be able to capture interdimensional beings both in psychic interaction and photography.

When we consider the dilemma of understanding a "higher" dimension, we can compare our situation to a 2-dimensional image and it's lack of intelligence, depth or biology, completely unable to see or understand the 3-dimensional world in which it sits. We do not have the senses, understanding, or universal intelligence to see or understand those dimensions.

But, what would happen if someone were able to photograph a higher dimension?

Scientist and inventor, Daniel Nemes claims he has photography technology that can capture images of multidimensional beings.

Engineer, James Carroll, finds it dubious as these faces are shown to be extremely symmetric with human featured faces. Is Nemes only capturing faces and if he's doing this blindly how does he happen to snap off faces so ideally as if posing straight on? If you ever tried to get your dog to look at the camera when you take a shot, you know that when a life form doesn't want to be photographed, they are going to make the task difficult.

You have to wonder about taking something higher dimensional than our own 3-dimensional existence and trying to reduce it to a 2-dimensional image. I rather think that we ourselves are 3-dimensional facsimiles of our higher dimensional self (soul in heaven). 

A photograph of you might show the front of you, about a fraction of a second in time, but it loses your depth, your backside, your surroundings, the effects of time, the space you take up, etc. It is rather simplistic but it captures an aspect visually. It is also very fragile, able to be torn or burned, doesn't last for centuries. 

Looking at these photos, we have to wonder about these beings and how they would look if this included all their dimensionality

Remember my theory on shadow people? LINK

I have had interesting aura photos taken of me with images that showed up that baffled the photographer. 

In this one, above, I told the photographer I was going to conjure up all the entities I felt around me. Another psychic once pointed over my shoulder to say I had vikings following me. That's rather ironic, as I'm not only very Scandinavian, but my personal motto was, "I'm a Viking, I can do this!" 

As we waited for the photo to develop and peel back the paper, she gasped. 

In this photo above, my brother had passed away 2 weeks earlier. I felt him over my right shoulder all the time. As we awaited the timing to peel the paper back, I told the reader that I hoped my brother showed up over my shoulder. 

The aura photo above was fun. The photographer took the picture while I looked up at this spot, slighty right and above me. When I do psychic reads, I feel the information comes from this field. The photographer asked why I was looking up there. I told her, "that's my source of foreknowledge." 

There's much debate about kirlian photography/aura photos, but they do present something intriguing. They not only constantly change, but seem pretty dead on with the colors and the shape. 

We also only recently learned that humans have bioluminosity. We cannot see this, but photons are a highly ordered form of light. The cells might need these photons of electromagnetic waves - a kind of communication. 

Can we photograph other dimensions? 

I would say if there was a chance to do so, we might see it demonstrated in the studies being done on Skinwalker Ranch and edited down for the show "The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch" on History Channel.

Let's say that a higher dimensional being is not mortal and 3-dimensional such as ourselves? How would we capture them on film? Well, the 2-dimensional image of you in a photograph was taken from a higher dimensional being (yourself) but the photograph cannot return the favor. Going up just one dimension, that image became a biological, thinking, and moving sentient being. Imagine if we went one level up? We would be without form, just energy, and all-knowing. How do you photograph that??

It would appear that near-death experiencers are describing, as best they can from this mortal plane, an existence that is without form, time, or location. They report colors and energy emanating from everything, a vision that is 360 degrees, thinking of a place and being there in a kind of quantum entangled dance. 

There is a girl named Akiane, who was born to a non-religious family, and suddenly after being missing for a time, came home with a vision of Heaven that she proceeded to paint from a young age. The paintings are exquisite and attempt to show what she has seen, the colors, the emotions, the depth. With paint and canvas, she could only do so much, but the art does move us to tears at times. Her vision of Heaven is very humbling and shows that everything is beautiful. It reminds me of the phrase, "the only difference between a weed and a flower is a designation." 

With this in mind, the Catholic Church is said to possess a chronovisor that took pictures of past events.  An Italian Benedictine Monk was said to use this device and take some extraordinary images.


Jesus final days? 

Is such a device possible? Well, if it were, the Catholic Church would certainly hide it away in their vaults.

I'm not easily swayed in the least, but there is something the supposed designer of the visor said that struck a note with me - 

According to an explanation by Ernetti, the luminous energy and sound that objects emanate are recorded in their environment, allowing the chronovisor to reconstruct from said energy the images and sounds of a specific set of events from the past.

I will admit that, growing up in a very haunted home (Civil War hospital) and as a researcher of hauntings for decades, I have come to a conclusion that location is everything. If something remains in an area, it remains there, whether a new building is erected or not. 

My guess is, if the Catholic Church has such a device, they certainly utilized it and gained knowledge. From that knowledge, what actions have they taken that give away their past knowledge? Well, perhaps a Vatican observatory in Tucson, AZ on Mt. Graham might be one interesting clue.....

There is a fantastically forward-thinking 1970s British film called "The Stone Tape" that was brilliant. In this, a group of researchers find that rock becomes a great recording medium. 

As well, there are tales of being able to play ancient clay pots and hear the sounds that were made during the creation of the pot, all held within the vessel's clay.

Although I don't profess to be brilliant when it comes to sound frequencies, I have wondered about this. Colors are visualized in THz (terahertz) which is higher frequency than GHz (gigahertz,  best known for microwave and such). In fact, Skinwalker Ranch reports signals at 1.6 GHz often resulting in physical harm. 

Human eyes can detect light/color between 400-790 THz, but converting 1.6 GHz to THz puts it at .0016. Outside of this range, we are into infrared and ultraviolet. I would say, the fellas at Skinwalker Ranch might want to keep that in mind to utilize the best scopes to see this range. 

There are huge advantages to THz for fast and efficient transport of info, so one would imagine it might be the very field of frequency utilized by an advanced culture, but for us, it's still a dilemma to utilize. LINK 

Tesla was very aware of the importance of frequency in relation to energy and vibration. We feel like we lost the knowledge, but believe me, these insights can resurface again, only this time it should be dessiminated to the public through the internet, so that it isn't taken away, the researcher killed "by accident" and the knowledge not getting shared.

After all, Tesla was all about the public benefitting from knowledge, not held hostage by it. 

Can we obtain images of other beings? Chances are, if these are higher life forms, they aren't mortal and they aren't physical. That leaves us to find their tracers, their frequencies, their vibrations. That takes something other than a camera, but eventually when we understand their state of being, we might be able to translate that to images.

Shivers of delight!

Now there's some selfies I'd like to see on the Internet!

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