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Comparing Blind Frog Ranch and Skinwalker Ranch


Two ranches in Northeast Utah, around 20 miles apart (as the crow flies) each of them dealing with odd phenomena. 

There are two major mountain ranges in the US that run East-West; the Transverse Ranges in California and the Uintas in Northeast Utah. The Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest is about 2.2 million acres of wonderland. BTW, Wasatch is the major fault line in Utah. 

Fault lines open fissures that allow water to work on soluble rock such as sandstone and limestone, and creates caves and caverns. 

Both locations in the Uintas are sitting upon unusual geological land. In fact, Skinwalker Ranch is just a little over one mile  north from a major area of oil wells and drilling. It's simply enormous!

The land has been drilled into at least hundreds of times. A land rich with shale also contains high radioactivity. Rare earth and heavy minerals are often mined in the region and ones like uranium, yttrium, and gadolinium are radioactive.   

Some of what is happening at Skinwalker Ranch could be found during drilling especially as that would release the radioactivity.

The whole region is very exciting from a geological standpoint and where there are faults and limestone and sandstone, caves and caverns are prevalent. 

Things the two ranches have in common - 

Signs of engineered structures beneath the land. 

Native Culture reverence for the land.

Government monitoring or curiosity.

Possible extinct ancient creatures (Blind Frog Ranch has an ancient snake and Skinwalker Ranch might have a dire wolf).

Metal finds of unusual quality - sand that can be turned to metal at Blind Frog Ranch, as well as odd metal being taken out of a drill site, and metal within the mesa at Skinwalker Ranch that appears to be the ingredients for a spaceship.

Odd vehicles in the sky (UAPs).

Caverns under the ground.

Drilling difficulties.

Batteries wearing down when fully charged.

Signs of Native attraction to the land. (At Skinwalker, a stone spiral, petroglyphs, at Blind Frog Ranch offerings left at a hillside.)

Should we ever see the two ranches begin to exchange information, we might find the connection is all held underground and runs through the landin this region of the Uintas.

Here's a concept for the mesa at Skinwalker Ranch - what if there are such things as USOs (unidentified submersible objects) in our oceans. We have shown in videos and accounts the transmedium process of a UAP entering the water without any disturbances, traveling underwater at the same speed as sky. Now, let's look at the accounts of UAPs going in and out of the mesa. What is the difference? You hit the water at a high speed and you break apart, same thing if you hit a mesa. So, these vehicles somehow do not see such masses at any disruption in their travel. The concept of something cutting through the mesa with ease is equivalent to SFOs. 

It's not a coincidence that the Aztecs reportedly brought their golden treasures up to the Utah region they called their homeland (look at Freemont petroglyph art some time)....

It's not a coincidence that the Spanish chased trails up to Utah in search of golden treasures. They utilized the Native People to learn where these treasures might be. They left some heavy evidence of how they were drawn to the Blind Frog Ranch area when you see the flooded cavern with the wood box made of wood from the Spanish time period. 

The Native People have the insights. They have known, documented, and continued in their legends the truths about the land. 

The Native drumming ceremony and the response within the ancient stone circle on the mesa reveals that Skinwalker Ranch and the curse of the skinwalker upon the Ute Tribe from the Apache shows a war of knowledge had gone on a long time and the bonds are spiritual. 

When I say "spiritual" there is a science behind it or it would not be witnessed on our plane. For us to see, hear, feel, and measure these phenomena, it has to launch in our perceived world (so much more awaits us that we have yet to uncover such as the scope of the quantum world, string theory, and more). 

A simple mapping of geology that involves sandstone and limestone, fault lines, mining, known caverns, geomagnetic mapping, native legends, Spanish trail, location of petroglyphs might show us correlations that are like a fine map - all leading back to these two locations.

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