Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Why Skinwalker Ranch and Other Locations Get Strange Activity


As I'm officially calling this "Skinwalker Ranch Day," let's investigate other locations that have similar situations -

Mt. Shasta
Bradshaw Mountain - AZ
Bridgewater Triangle - MA
Colorado mountains - a few locations - CO
Nevada Mountains ranch - NV
These are just a few locations, but do you see a similarity? You aren't finding them in Nebraska or Iowa.

Why mouintainous areas?
My hypothesis - (two things at work)

Earth's energy diffuses.

On flat land, it diffuses evenly.

Where there are mountains, they are pyramidal and energy focuses to the point of release which is the top of the mountain.

Perhaps the building of pyramids begins to make sense. A wide base and walls slanting up to a point, creates energy, perhaps necessary energy for the manipulation of vehicles or as beacons like landing lights on a runway, making it easy to find.

As well, what do mountains often contain? Precious rare earth minerals, gold, copper, silver; resources an alien race might wish to utilize.

It's rather like lighting up cigarette machines in a casino when it comes to alien travel. These beams of energy would stand out. In fact, if you recall on prior episodes in the first season, the light glowing from the mesa drew concern and wonder.

Let's compare - on land, we hike toward the mountains as obvious landmarks of north, south, east west. and locations of great mystery, including those elusive Bigfoot.

Today, I hope to explore more possibilities involving the ranch.

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