Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Lizard Man of Inner Earth?


For all the mystery remaining in outer space and in the sea, one territory we assume is lacking signs of life is within the Earth. 

The locals in Vietnam who live near the Son Doong Cave (largest cave in the world only recently discovered) had described a devil, a lizard-looking man who emerges occasionally from the cave.

This photos reveals the supposed creature supposedly caught near the entrance to the cave and about 7 feet tall. 

Considering the earth is said to get hotter and hotter the deeper you go within, a lizard-type humanoid might make some sense. However, I'd think that their eyes may not handle coming out in the light.

In Tucson, Arizona during a bike race, some bicyclists took a break in the desert. From a path, they saw a 6-foot tall very slender figure walking strangely. LINK

If you want to know more about modern-day sightings of lizard people, check out this POST.

One account of some women in college in Utah, were driving back from Vegas and came across a strange "shift" in their reality. They pulled up to a bar to get directions but saw a strange language on the sign and lizard people standing outside. The lizard men waved arms at them and gave them chase in three-wheel motorcycle type rides. 

Another cave report involved a spelunker seeing lizard people riding strange motorcycles within a cave, as well as walking through rock walls. 

According to one mining engineer in the 1930s, caverns under Los Angeles were occupied by lizard people.  LINK 

t could be ignored as fantasy, but the accounts of tablets and gold underground in this time period matched another account of a similar find under the Panamint Mountains in "Death Valley Men." As well, a 1909 legend of such a find within the Grand Canyon and reported in the Phoenix Gazette adds more curiosity to this theme. 

If such a civilization could exist, perhaps an intelligent human-like being was adapted to the time of the dinosaurs. This lizard person enjoyed a tropical and warm earth, but whatever took out the dinosaurs might have given them a chance to go underground and adapt a life there as they were intelligent beings. 

Just another thing to contemplate in our amazingly complex universe!

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