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Haunted Campgrounds and Terrifying Destinations


Are you brave enough to camp out in a haunted area? Forget the bears, worry about the spooks!

Lake Morena, 

This lake near the Mexican Border has apparitions that appear to levitate, the classic lady in a white gown, sounds of unknown footfalls, and an old man staring. At one time, the area flooded, killing 50 people.

Antietam Creek Park, 

Not surprisingly this site of 23,000 killed in an 1862 battle resonates with the sounds of gunshots, cannons, and drummer boys. 

Holy Ghost Campground, 
New Mexico 

About an hour east of Santa Fe in the Pecos Mountains, this area is said to be haunted by a murdered priest in the 17th Century. 

Big Moose Lake, New York 

This Adirondack location may be beautiful but the dark history includes a man who got a mistress pregnant, lured her to the lake and killed her. It is said she still haunts this dark location. 

Braley Pond, 

Figures levitating near the lake and creepy children laughing. It is all said to stem from a prior murder

spooky locations to explore

Devil's Tramping Ground
North Carolina

10 miles from Siler City in Chatham County, NC

A 40-foot circle that is tamped down and is said to be where the Devil paces as he contemplates his evil plans. 

Lake Ronkonkoma
New York

The lady of the lake is said to be a suicidal drowned Native Princess Tuskawanta who mysteriously claims men in the lake. And there is quite a history of men going missing on the lake!

Bridgewater Triangle

A land in southeastern Massachusetts from Abington to East Freetown to Rehoboth. This region has seen a lot of odd phenomenon from spirit forms, UFOs, strange lights, missing people, cryptid monsters, and more. 

Pine Barrens
New Jersey 

It's hard not to have heard of the Pine Barrens in New Jersey, the infamous apparent homestead of the Jersey Devil. This creature is said to have been born as a 13th child to an angry woman in the early 1700s who cursed him upon birth. He is said to have a tail, wings, and hooves and to this day still lives in the Barrens.

Point Pleasant TNT Bunkers
West Virginia

The Mothman was said to be a creature that showed itself in the Point Pleasant area in the 1960s. Described as living in the abandoned TNT bunkers, it supposedly was a 6-foot tall being with wings and red eyes that chased and terrorized citizens.

Santa Lucia Mountains

The Santa Lucia Mountains have a legend of the "Dark Watchers." These enormous 10-foot-tall cloaked dark specters wearing hats have been seen for hundreds of years in these California Mountains near Big Sur. They reportedly are seen in the afternoon to twilight. It is said it's best to look away and not give them any attention. 

happy camping and hiking!

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