Sunday, March 17, 2024

Can We Exceed Past the Limitations of Five Senses?


I took several selfies in a row (above) but right in the middle of the shots, I decided to open up my soul, expose my true self. I took the photo and oddly it was misted and strange looking. The others were quiet different in lighting and clarity. This one penetrated my mind as I felt a kinship with this person I didn't with the other shots. Had I in some way extended my content past the physical limtations?

Can we reach beyond our 5 senses to gather information or make change?

Psychics will tell you YES and supporters of the concept of manifesting will say YES!

I pondered once why I have a facial amnesia. It's such an odd thing to not picture any faces in your head, even my own. I came to realize that perhaps that was to extend my senses. I do recognize people - but it's not from a face, it's from their energy/soul. 

I have to reach beyond the sense of vision and gather more info from another quantum source.

My psychometry skills? Imagine my shock as a child to realize that others get only temperature, weight, shape, and visual from objects they touch? Yet, my senses exceed past that to know about the people who handled it. 

I am reaching beyond the senses in a quantum info highway.

Have you ever watched a sad movie and cried? Listened to a song and felt joy? Have you ever smelled a scent and were thrown back in your mind to the public swimming pool at the age of 8? Have you ever thought about a song and it came on the radio? Maybe you had someone on your mind you hadn't heard from in years and the phone rings and it's that person? Have you ever envisioned your future? Have you ever relived your past? How about meditation or prayer? Falling in love from afar? How about dreaming - have you ever dreamed? Did you ever experience sympathy to the point that someone's pain made you cry? 

These are intangibles: A processing beyond the five senses to include the spirit, the quantum, the consciousness that will be the highway utilized by future people. We are only just beginning - 

We can go past our senses and regularly do without realizing we are "out of body." We don't Our reach is beyond the physical, just like the aura or the soul are not limited by the border of our skin.

There's a precipice beyond our senses that scare people. It's why they are afraid to recognize psychic abilities or other things that break down those walls and expose the unknown region. 

Perhaps this is because when we found out about microbes using microscopes and finally understood diseases like Bubonic Plague and Tuberculosis, everyone could view this miniature world and see it for fact using a device. They could then understand the implications of something microscopic taking down a human being. We lost the mystery in why people were getting sick and dying and finding ways to work within that tiny world to cure. 

We are right now on the cusp of many such worlds that, once explored, will open up new capabilities. 

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