Monday, February 19, 2024

Serendipity? Gut Instinct? Happenstance? Quantum Entanglement?


Sometimes, your gut instinct leads you to "coincidences" that make you question the nature of knowledge and the invisible world of consciousness -

About 15 years ago, my son was studying art in college. He wanted to do a video at an abandoned site. We drove way out in the desert to find this abandoned trailer park with a bunch of deteriorating trailers. 

We filmed the stark and beautiful video of him walking around barefoot and lost among the debris.

Then, he went back with a friend to further explore. The trailers were filled to the top with boxes and papers, toys, steamer trunks, furnishings, all destroyed by heat, rain, and the desert sun.

He came across a journal. He didn't know why he felt compelled to bring it home, but he did.

He poured over the pages written by a girl who went to high school in Scottsdale, about 25 miles away from him. 

Something about her writing struck a note with him. He was obsessed with finding the girl, but had few clues as to who she was other than a first name, a school, and her best friend's name.

One night, we went over details, looking for the clues when it dawned on him to look on social media for her best friend.

He contacted the guy (who wrote in his profile he went to that high school). The guy responded that, yes, he was her best friend and she is an adult now living in Washington.

Through the friend, my son arranged to send her the diary. 

And, here is the serendipity - 

My son knew it was urgent. He didn't know why he was making this effort, but then the woman contacted him to thank him. And, she told him that she was now a writer and writing her memoirs and the only thing missing was this journal from her teen years. 

She had no idea how it ended up in the desert, but obviously someone had done some thieving and that was a drop off point for things the thieves didn't want.

Gut instincts? Psychic connections? Quantum entanglement?, Happenstance?

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