I'm on a Podcast today!


It's been a while since I've been on a podcast, but life got very busy since I sold my home. I am excited to talk paranormal subjects again! 

Although I am still not fully recovered from Bell's Palsy (condition that paralyzes the face), I work my physical rehab to break the synkinesis (when muscles start acting in unison like mouth and eye moving together). Life goes on. 

Today, I'm on Friday Frighteners on the Simply Spooky Network. 3 pm EST - 2 pm CST - 1 pm MST - 12 pm PST.

I'm busily focused on my screenwriting career, but also freed up now to do more field research. Expect experiments in the ghost investigation field with our team, Arizona Paranormal Research

I am also slated to go on a UFO sky search and attempted communication with UAPs, as well as an ongoing study of Bigfoot here in the Greater Phoenix Area. Yes! I have many expeditions I am providing guidance for, as well as my ultimate goal - to find and prove an ancient giant. 

Hope you enjoy talk of all things paranormal. You are likely on Facebook to find me on Ghosts, Cryptids, UFOs: The Real Truth