Monday, February 26, 2024

Beacons For Spirits: Do We Leave Psychic Tags in This Existence?


There's something about retracing childhood steps. As a kid growing up, we visited mom's family in the hills of SE West Virginia a few times a year. I looked forward to staying at Pipestem Resort. There was a big swimming pool, tons of woods and lakes, and the aerial tram.

In the pic above, I was visiting and riding the same tram I had ridden since I was a baby.

It dawned on me then that home isn't a residence. Home is a place that imprinted a memory, a feeling, a security, a joyful smile. 

Home can be a place, a person, an animal, a song, a moment in time.

Home truly is where your heart is -

As a ghost investigator, one of the correlations I've come to find is that wherever we go, we leave a kind of psychic tag.

Those tags are like beacons. We can come back and visit when we have moved on or our energy can replay there, leaving good or bad feelings depending on the situation that imprinted.

I had a sister who was locked in her room by mom after being punished. She pounded on the walls and yodeled. A decade later, she moved on and was married, lived far away. But, every now and then her pounding and yodeling could be heard reliving in the present.

I often tell new homeowners, if they have issues in a certain place in their house, like they tend to get in fights there, feel sad, or avoid that area all together, they need to retrain that space with happy stuff. 

It's rather like re-recording over a bad movie on a VHS tape. 

Sit in that space with a photo album, look at loved ones, fun times, think about and relive the love and happiness, play upbeat music, keep the area well-lit. 

Over time, it really does reimprint.

Go forward with love - leave bits of love for others to feel when they enter that space, make tags that take you back to the places of your heart, not your anguish.

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