URBEX - Urban Exploring in Wintertime


Urban exploration poses beautifully in summertime with green vines pulling at the skeleton of a long-deceased building, but wintertime adds a glorious bleakness, between snow and gray sky, the bloodless setting is well-suited for fantastic documenting.

Tips - 

*do not enter if there is a "no trespassing sign."

*always wear a mask - may sites have asbestos or rat urine which when disturbed and breathed can cause Hanta virus.

*thick gloves and a tetanus shot update are recommended.

*carry a phone and flashlight.

*don't go alone.

*take advantage of colorless sky and snow for black-and-white stark effect.

*don't use flash - use natural lighting.

*from inside, utilize an open door or window to frame the outdoors.

*leave the place as you found it. You are merely an archivist. Many of these sites are removed after you leave and you may be the last person with memories of its existence.