Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch - Healing Waters?


For those of us utterly addicted to Discovery Channel's "Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch" (and some of us who have crushes on Duane), this series has been absolutely riveting.

I find myself often playing armchair quarterback. "Duane, you're oil and gas, I've worked in oil and gas - what about well logarithms? How about finding out where the reservoirs are? Water? Gamma rays, etc.?" 

With the recent find of the keyhole tunnel in the energy zone, it made me think - 

If you have a giant meteorite that is embedded in the ground and creating an amazing energy vortex and you have soil filled with tons of minerals, and you have an underground water system floating around this energy "battery," why not put a healing pool above the meteor strike zone utilizing underground water, perhaps adding salt for more conductivity? 

Recalling a talk given by Duane in the past, he mentioned the land was slated for a healing center. 

A talk with the quantum researchers brought onboard would confirm that this ranch has a lot of work going on in a quantum spectrum that is affecting the visible/measurable aspects of the world our senses recognize. 

The positive energy of healing waters could be a negating factor to the dark forces that have inhabited the area. This is something I utilize a good deal in the field of ghost encounters and as a psychometrist. 

You can re-train a location for the good utilizing the energy and changing the frequency.

A Ute elder might be especially helpful in this aspect of redirecting energies in this quantum factory toward positive and good. 

It's just a thought, but then their studies have me thinking about implications on many realms.