How Manifesting Works From the Viewpoint of the Quantum Realm

Interestingly, there are some intriguing theories in the quantum realm. One of them is the concept that we, as humans, have to be present for something to occur or change, and that merely observing affects outcomes. You know, "if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?" 

This makes me recall Psalm 82, (Jesus speaks) "You are gods." (Hey, some of Sunday school stuck in my head)

We know that when we go into the forest with our intent upon Bigfoot, they seem to sense they are being focused on and they don't show up. It's rather like when you're in a crowded restaurant and feel someone is staring and, sure enough, they are! 

Ghost hunters know this dilemma well, as gathering what we see and hear on recorders or cameras is close to impossible as we seem to have senses instruments do not possess.

In the double slit experiment (video above), scientists learned a very baffling thing - when the experiment was being observed (even being observed with a camera or instruments) the results changed.

Perhaps in the realm of the unexplained, we are facing the same issue with gathering evidence. It's as if the universe sees us peeking under its skirt, and changes the outcomes. 

This may be frustrating, but in a way it allows us to find evidence after the event - such as foot tracks of Bigfoot that had been there, even if at the time he didn't want to be seen. The very stars we look at may or may not exist any longer. We gaze at them and see their history, perhaps not their present. 

In this regard, manifesting has a lot of positive support that we can gaze upon our own life and events with a positive light and change the upcoming outcome. 

And, in observing himself, a man notices that self-observation itself brings about certain changes in his inner processes. He begins to understand that self-observation is an instrument of self-change, a means of awakening.

As someone who utilizes psychic skills, I know that quantum entanglement is key. This is a great deal like "mind speak" that folks report with alien encounters. You are suddenly able to access knowledge. Folks worry psychics can read thoughts and words in your head, but nope. It's more like we can align with your existence to get pictures, associations, and interpretations of your experience that we have to piece together. 

How good you are at reads depends on your interpretive skills. I interpret synesthetically. I might see positions of various people in your life in a 3D dynamic of distance and position and that tells me their relationship to you. 

Dead are seen over your right shoulder, living over your left.

What is the path this information travels? Long ago, I assumed my psychic skills were like radio waves and I have a receiver that tunes in stations.

With more and more research into the quantum realm, I realize there is something that binds particles over distance and perhaps we are all stardust particles and contain the connections, but often get caught up in separateness and don't pick up the signals. 

Dean Radin is an amazing researcher of the subject of psychic skills and entanglement. His book Entangled Minds is a definite read worth having in your library! 

You might also really enjoy Ron Morehead's The Quantum Bigfoot. 

Test your psychic skills at Gotpsi.Org  It's a great way to get the feel in the body/mind connection when you get a hit.