Haunted Hallways Experiment


With a simple set of copper divining rods in your hands and an EMF or MEL meter, consider hitting a hallway in a haunted location to learn a few things about how energy travels, feng shui, and why hallways are so haunted.

Long ago, I tried an experiment. As a psychic.  I went into a haunted room with a map of the room's layout. I put an X mark everywhere I felt a surge of energy concentrating. I put it in my pocket. I went out into the hallway and sent in a non-psychic person with divining rods (preferably copper) and had them take the map and mark everywhere the rods crossed over. They put that in their pocket, came out into the hallway and sent in the next person. When all participants were done, we unfolded the maps to find that my X's and their X's all lined up. If you don't have a psychic - get a pair of copper divining rods. Honestly, very very accurate.

In a haunted hallway learn more about how energy travels and concentrates.

Do an EMF sweep and rods run through the hallway with all doors closed.

Now, open one door. Run the length of the hallway to see if the rods cross over or the meter reacts to the open door area.

If the door has another doorway across from it directly, open that door also. Now, recheck.

If the doors in the halls face each other, open all the doorways and see if those areas where both doors are open facing each other have EMF spikes or rod crossings.

Lastly, if the doorways do not face each other, open them all and let's see how where and how energy richochets down the hallway. You are learning much about the movement of such energies.

Consider the book - "Confessions of a Feng Shui Ghost-Buster" (below) which is a very enlightening knowledge to add to your ghost investigations.

I have found simple Feng Shui changes change everything. They are onto something about energy pathways, leylines, and meridians. Eastern cultures had a prior influence that understood the earth sciences enough to erect megalithic structures and gather these energies for command of the elements.