Free Vintage Bigfoot Movies and Documentaries on YouTube


Some chilly gray days just need a little Bigfoot action. Here's some great vintage finds on YouTube you can make a playlist and marathon for such days.


With Jack Elam, you cannot get wrong. Two college boys from SHEE-cago (said with southern dialect), decide to chase the elusive hairy ape in a southern swamp area. This is probably one of my nostalgic favorites that does have a few scary moments and tons of 70s dorky campy fun.


Peter Graves hosts this documentary about unknown creatures with a majority focus on Bigfoot. What I like about this old film is that you hear witness reports from a different era that are lost to time. 

A delicious all-star cast including Bette Davis. A ski resort in Colorado has a yearly snow event interrupted by a lurking Bigfoot killing tourists. It has the vibe of "Jaws" theme.

Leonard Nimoy narrating  this awesome and fun 1970s series about the unexplained, explores the subject of Bigfoot.

This documentary focuses on Bigfoot being the possible Missing Link.

A transported Yeti gets loose and torments LA.

Honestly, I think for this movie-watching experience, some good old 1970s candy is best.