Flashlight Fun and Blanket Forts - Be a Kid Again!


Remember holding flashlight up to your hand? 

Hold it up to your face. Tell a story by flashlight's beam.

How about shadow puppets? Put the flashlight between your legs when you sit down and shoot it up at the ceiling and put your hands in front of it to make shadows on the ceiling.

There goes Casper across the ceiling!

Try a spooky movie that reveals something creepy in the room - 

Take the flashlight into a blanket fort. This is an ideal creation for a rough day - to tuck inside and read or watch a movie. Invite in your loved one and make it a snuggle fest, take in a carton of Chinese takeout and some wine.

Build it in the winter -- a blanket fort recliner chair or sofa, bed... Keep it up and enjoy throughout the year.

Fill with plenty of pillows, twinkle lights, blankets.