Bigfoot Adaptations and How to Capture One on Video


Standing behind a tree (above), but to the left of his feet, you can see the shadow being cast. Standing still is the method of operation for Bigfoot. Their hair has a great quality of absorbing shadow and light so that they become as dappled as the surroundings. As long as they don't move, you don't see them. 

These two stills from "On the Hill" video were done by Fred Kanney. He utilized a technique I recommend. When you believe you are in their presence, stop and slowly pan 180 degrees, zooming in and out until you are facing the opposite direction. Wait several seconds, then slowly pan back to the start position zooming in and out. 

Once you get home and look on the computer at the video, you will see where the Bigfoot took advantage of you turning away to step behind a tree instead of peeking out or hitting the ground rather than standing still. 

In this case, the auburn-haired fella stood still behind the tree, but what he could not control was the wind picking up his hair on the second go-round. 

It took a photo expert to pull back the fog effect and reveal the face behind it. Look at that jaw!!

I've been blessed to work with MK Davis on a habituation study done in the early 2000s in East Texas. My personal research has been on the ancestry of Bigfoot and their language/potential psychic skills. 

The data gathered by the homeowners at this habituation site and their friends assisting them led to some amazing insights.

One of the things we hear about Bigfoot consistently is the way they can run on all four which is more like a bunny rabbit hop than a crawl. 

How is this possible?

Well, humans have legs nearly half their height. If we go on our hands and feet, our ass is in the air. This is not what we were built for. We were built for upright mode over plains.

Bigfoot, however, are obviously built for mountainous high elevation areas. They can both tolerate the cold and rush up a mountainside like a space shuttle taking off. 


Bigfoot has proportions similar to their friends the Neanderthal (also built for high elevations with large eyes for low lighting and powerful lower bodies). They have legs that are about one third of their height. Their arms are long in proportion to a very long body. The extremely powerful gluts and leg muscles make for propelling up rock faces and steep inclines easy. Imagine being a mountain climber with super long arms, and long body for stretch and powerful legs to push up? 

When you add to this proportion scenario (the thing that caught my eye first when seeing one in the Sierras), you also add to it that in order to climb, hip muscles be more like a monkey, able to pull that leg up beside your ear to make the next foot hold. Their hips act almost as a rotator cuff like our shoulders. 

When a Bigfoot gets on all fours (see Whitey's Run video above), they can cross an open area with lower profile and faster. They are built for this sort of action. 

My best advice is, you may not see a Bigfoot as you explore the forest and a good part of that is intention.  You know how you can feel someone staring at you? Well, they appear to know you are there intent upon them. I'd suggest wearing earbuds and play music, dance, sing, move along without a care in the world. 

But, the best way to assure you see one is when you get home - on video and photos. Follow your instincts when you feel someone's intent upon you.

I am very open to all possibilities when it comes to these beings. Some extraordinary explanations may be dismissed, but stop and ask yourself - if this were true, how does it explain some odd qualities?

Nephilim - cast out abominations supposedly drowned during the great deluge - half human/half angelic. Well, IF this were true, then it might explain the fact that they at times appear to toggle between two worlds and their very cryptic nature may have more to do with belonging in neither. Here, nature tried to purge them out, they aren't wanted here - an experiment gone awry. In the other world of the ethereal, they are too organic and crude and not pure energy. 

Quantum - they can toggle between our world and a parallel realm - perhaps entangled in both. This may explain the reports of foottracks ending abruptly, strange lights associated with their presence in the forest. 

Ancient Man - this one is a path I have chased down since I asked myself - who are their daddies and granddaddies? They had to come from a lineaage, right? So, where are the tall bones? Well, if we look at burial mounds around the world, we find reports of very tall skeletons. The proportions of a Bigfoot match earlier man's and especially their cranium. So, perhaps we have a people who faced near extinction for a few reasons - perhaps birthing a child is not so easy and wherease in the past Denisovans and Neanderthal mated with our Homo sapiens ancestors, these fellas found that we chased them off, tried to kill them off, and eventually outnumbered them.  Any looks at indigenous culture's legends tell of them driving off and killing the tall ones who were impossible to live beside. 

I've put my bets on Denisovans as we know they were quite large and everywhere human populations carry their DNA in the distant past - there is a Bigfoot equivalent. 
Aborigines - Yowie
Sherpa - Yeti
Russians - Almasty/Almas
China - Yeren 
Peru/Inuit - Bigfoot

Ape-Like - Certainly hair covering and ability to climb mountainsides with flexible hips and monkey-like body proportions make them seem like a good candidate. If the Mountain Gorilla could remain hidden until the early 1900s, despite villagers describing them, then it is possible to have such a creature here. We have had monkeys here in the Americas and a potential offshoot lineage of something erect and intelligent could have evolved through time here, but it does not necessarily explain Yowie, Yeren, Almasty, Yeti, etc. Many creatures remain hidden even with great pursuit. I've lived in the Southwest for many decades and hiked the desert and lived in areas known to have Javelina (wild boars) but never saw one. Neighbors told stories of them and I began to think they couldn't exist. Then one day, I came out my door and -

Happy searching!