Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Takeout Food and Horror Movie Marathon Combos


Days are cooler. Halloween is over. Thanksgiving looms down the line. How about a blanket, a candle, some take-out food, and a movie marathon?

chinese take-out

The fun thing about Chinese take-out is the combos you can make on your plate. Some things you can use your hands, others chopsticks, maybe a fork. Food is already politely bite-sized so a knife is rarely necessary. You can scoop and watch.  Given the variety of flavors and foods, fast-paced films are ideal. 

Avengers (film series)
Final Destination
The Blair Witch Project


fast food burgers/fries

These are classic American food. It's laid back, it's casual. This plate is ideal for some classic teen type horror.

Friday the 13th
Final Terror
Nightmare on Elm Street
An American Werewolf in London


sub sandwiches

Subs/grinders/hoagies are really ideal for a slow-paced film. I'd go with something gothic or classic and dark.

The Others
The Awakening
The Boy
The Haunting
Woman in Black



Pizza is a messy item needing both hands and carrying a lot of ingredients. It's complicated. I'd go with something with a plot that is complex and tense.

The Sixth Sense
The Village
Let's Scare Jessica to Death

Think about the pace of the meal, the pace of the film. 

One of my favorite combos is 1950s SciFi and nachos! 

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