Monday, October 9, 2023

Using Elmer's Glue in Many Ways For Halloween


You will be surprised how many things you can do with glue at Halloween time - oh my gosh! 

Check this out - 


Here's a video I made to share how to do this. It's really simple. Just put the glue on your skin, let it dry. If you want it to look like burns, old skin, or wounds, move the skin around as it's drying. If you want a serious wound, add DRYER LINT. Once it's dry, you can peel it open.


Put one cup of glue into a bowl and add 1 tsp of baking soda and stir. Now add 1-1/2 T of contact lens solution.  Add a few drops of whatever food coloring you want to use. Knead it for 5 minutes and you have slime. 


Decoupage is the simple act of taking some kind of paper, tissue paper, newspaper pictures, gift wrap, whatever - and dipping it into a glue/water mix and putting it onto an object, then spreading more of it on top when you're done. (it dries clear).

But, for Halloween, I came up with a new way to do this and I share it in these videos below. Haunted Mirrors!

Here's some more I did - 


It's super easy to stiffen fabric like cheesecloth to make ghosts. Simply mix equal amounts of water and glue and soak the fabric in it, wring it out, and draped it over plastic-wrap-covered objects to create shapes.


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