Thursday, October 5, 2023

If You Like This Abandoned Site, You'll Like These Movies


An abandoned site is an ideal movie location. But, what if certain abandoned sites make you want more? Here's some great movie options depending on the type of abandoned site that catches your eye -

I'm going to share photos of abandoned sites. Whichever ones give you the biggest creeps, I list 5 movies you might want to see that have the mood of this location....

I will give the ones I most recommend an asterisk *

*"The Funhouse"
Teens at a carnvial decide to hide in the funhouse and party after the places closes for the night. 
"Carnival of Souls"
After a young woman's car accident, her life feels slightly off. 
"Dark Ride"
Friends decide to stop at a local amusement park not knowing women had been murdered there.
Women are stalked by someone from their childhood who wants them dead.
"Hell Fest"
A masked man at a carnival has people thinking he's just one of the workers, but he's really a killer out to slaughter as many people as possible.

An orphaned boy follows his older brother to a mausoleum where something sinister is happening.
*"Cemetery Man"
A lonely cemetery caretaker runs into zombie issues. 
*"Salem's Lot"
Mysterious new owners of the mansion on the hill spark curiosity from the town, as what comes with them appears to be evil. 
A teen who lost her mom finds out she's possessed by a demon that likes her lineage.
A girl searching for answers to her father's dead ends up at the mortuary where she finds something dangerous. 

A suburban family finds their property is atop a Native cemetery that was not moved. Their young daughter is pulled to the other side and they must try to retrieve her.
*"Sleepy Hollow"
In the 1700s, an investigator is sent to a quiet Dutch town in New York where he finds they are tormented by a killer who is a Hessian soldier ghost.
*"The Blair Witch Project"
While some college kids set out to make a documentary of a witch legend in Maryland, they get lost in the woods and find themselves succumbing to something evil.

"The Evil Dead"
Five friends go to a cabin in the woods where they are taken over by flesh-possessing demons.
"The Birch"
A bullied boy summons up an ancient being in the woods.

A woman is trapped in the subway and the labyrinth of tunnels, chased by a tormenter.
A woman goes to a party in the Paris Catacombs and gets lost while being chased by something unknown.
"Urban Explorers: Into the Darkness"
A documentary about those who explore abandoned sites. 
"As Above So Below"
Explorers in the catacombs below Paris uncover a dark secret.
"Raw Meat" (aka "Death Line")
A government official gets lost in the London Tunnels while he's looking for missing people.  

"The Woman in Black"
A lawyer goes to a village to work and finds out there is a vengeful ghost terrorizing the locals.
*"The Legend of Hell House"
A team assembles to enter a haunted house, observe the phenomena and then set up a machine to negate it.
*"The Changeling"
A grieving widower moves into an historic home to find that he's not alone.
*"The Haunting"
A researcher puts together a team to stay in a haunted mansion and prove ghosts exist.
*"The Awakening"
A woman who debunks hauntings is called to a boys school where she finds it hard to prove it isn't haunted.

*"Dark Night of the Scarecrow"
A town is cursed by a witch put to rest after helping them produce great crops. The witch's spirit is released to take over a scarecrow and get back at the descendents of the town. 
"Messengers 2"
A farmer plants a scarecrow with some unusual qualities, but his good luck won't last for long.
A group is stranded in an old farmhouse near a cornfield, only to find it is the center for some kind of supernatural ritual. 
"The Scarecrow" 
Just before the Salem witch trials, a woman empowers a scarecrow with magic to seek revenge.
Jeepers Creepers 2 
A busload of teens breaks down in the cornfields where the creeper monster disguises himself as a scarecrow.
Children of the Corn
A couple stumbles into a town where the children have killed the adults and are now obeying "he who walks behind the rows."

*"Trick R Treat" 
Anthology movie with stories that takes place on Halloween night.
Babysitters are tormented on Halloween night by an insane killer.
*"Hocus Pocus"
Three witch sisters were imprisoned by magic long ago and now escape on Halloween night to torment the town.
"Night of the Demons"
When teens spend the night and party in an abandoned mortuary, a demon gets released.
"The Nightmare Before Christmas"
When the king of Halloweentown discovers Christmas, he tries to bring it back to his village.
Siblings don't understand why mom won't let them celebrate Halloween. Then, grandma comes to town, quite magically, and they follow her back to the surprise homeland of Halloweentown.

"Pirates of the Caribbean"
A derelict pirate tries to outsmart the locals and the ghost ship inhabitants to find the fortune.
*"Ghost Ship"
A salvage team boards an abandoned ship to find they must fight the ghostly inhabitants.
*"The Fog" 
A seaside town is attacked by a strange fog that brings in the spirits of those wronged by the town's forefathers. 
*"Creature From the Black Lagoon"
A team sets out down the Amazon River to a dark lagoon where they search for a fossil only to find the creature is not extinct.
"The Triangle"
A group of friends have trouble with their yacht and board an abandoned ship in the Bermuda Triangle only to find out they are in more danger there. 

*"The Car"
A western town is tormented by a driveless car hell bent on killing them.
*"Jeepers Creepers"
A monster in a creepy old truck puts fear into people on the road and then decides what part of that person's body it wants to assimilate.
"The Hearse"
A woman inherits a family member's home and finds out strange supernatural things are happening and may be related to how the townsfolk felt about her deceased relative.
When a nerd buys an old car, it seems to be possessing him.
A woman and her sick child are stuck in their broken down car, being tormented by a rabid saint bernard.

*"The Hills Have Eyes"
A vacationing family's car pulling their camping trailer breaks down in the desert. They are then tormented by a feral desert family of crazies.
*"The Hitcher"
When a young man decides to make money driving a car from one state to another for a car dealer, he picks up a hitchhiker to keep him company on the trek through the desert, only to find he's a killer. 
In a remote desert town, the locals find themselves fighting off giant worm-like monsters underground that can detect any movement. 
A great 1950s Scifi flick about gigantic ants invading a desert area and the military is called in to help. 
A harried businessman is tormented by a trucker on the desert highway.

*"Hell Night"
College kids getting hazed have to spend the night in a creepy mansion that was once inhabited by a crazy family. 
"Rose Red"
A group of people who have psychic powers spend the night in a haunted house.
*"The House on Haunted Hill"
A millionaire invites strangers to stay a whole night in a haunted building and promises to reward them with big cash, only they get locked in and someone is a killer.
"The Others"
A woman living alone in a country estate with her two photosensitive children, thinks her home might be haunted.
*"The Boy"
An American is hired to babysit a British couple's child. When she arrives, she discovers the child is a doll filling in for the child they lost, and it is showing signs of haunting. 

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