Gigantic Halloween Props


12-foot skeleton from Home Depot
also on Amazon 

I noticed at Spirit Halloween store they embraced the gigantic animatronics even more than the previous year. The previous year, local stores mentioned that the gigantic clown sold the first day they were open and they needed more. 

Does size matter when it comes to Halloween figures? 

It would seem that Halloween lovers are more intimidated by tall figures and one big figure can be enough to create a fright without the need for a yard sprinkled with shorter animatronics that bellow the same corny phrases all night long.

Let's see how impressive huge figures can be in a Halloweenscape. Many of these are hand-made!

Consider utilizing - chicken wire, pallets, cardboard, pool noodles, PVC pipe, sheets, paper maiche, cloth, latex....

(made from pallets) 

some Amazon cardboard boxes and silver paint -- 

This gigantic dragon on the roof took two photos - 

Here's help with making gigantic spiders 

Apparently, size does make a gigantic impression! 

How about spidery fun? 

I readily admit to a discomfort around things larger than me - elephants - horses - skyscrapers - basketball stars....