Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Creepy European Pagan Costumes


Natural elements to make Halloween costumes means giving an Old World magical vibe. 

We know the usual characters of Halloween - Frankenstein, witch, vampire, etc. 

What we NEED are self-created personas in an Old World way using goods around us to look very homemade and creepy.
(above) I'm the Bird Lady (folded paper beak, feathers and straw in my hair. 

Inspired by European pagan costumes made from nature-harvested items are truly chilling. Just look at some of these to find inspiration.

Elements like horns, burlap, canvas, muslin, fur, moss, twigs, and animal skins are seriously creepy. You don't even need to use real animal skins or furs. You can make faux fur with yarn and fake leather - 

This one above could be made with clipped pine branches, but if you plan to do a Halloween costume that's swamp thing, bigfoot, or this creepy fellow, you might consider getting a ghillie suit.

Do you really need to know his backstory to be frightened? 

These are the scariest Halloween costumes!

Take the elements and make them your own scary persona.

Here's some elements if you don't have them to harvest locally -

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