Thursday, October 26, 2023

1960s Halloween


If you were a kid in the 1960s, your Halloween was getting some serious momentum. The 50s started the craze, the 60s fortified it, ensuring that the 70s would be the last great decade of panhandling door to door for candy.

1960s popular costumes included; hobos, sheet ghosts, witches, devils, Cinderella, Casper, clowns, Planet of the Apes, and astronauts.

Here's a collection of the candies to jog your memories -

Horror movies of the 60s: Night of the Living Dead, The Birds, Psycho.

Schools were in full-swing with the Halloween parties and parades of costumes. Kids anxiously arrived at the doors dressed up as heroes, horrors, and their fantasies. Apple bobbing, games for candies, ghosts made out of napkins, and spiders made out of pipe cleaners were the rule.

Some of the most popular ad imagery involved cats, pumpkins, scarecrows, witches and moons.

Halloween tunes like "Monster Mash" came out.

TV was catching onto the bandwagon with specials like "It's a Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown."

If this video below doesn't make you sentimental, I don't know what could -

(above) my Halloween book "Adult Halloween: Taking Back the Season!" written for those of us who remember REAL Halloween.

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