Signs You Might Be Reencarnated


We could go extensively into the details of why reincarnation or if such a thing is possible, but let's get some perspective on the subject -
What's your job in the afterlife? I mean, if souls are immortal, how do they spend their time? Well, if there is no such thing as time in that location, I suppose you don't get bored. Near-death experiences very often report beautiful buildings and warehouses of books and information and a lot of time spent by souls learning.

You learn a subject, like water-skiing and then at some point you want to experience it. You can only "know" something so far until you must add "experience."

The Lord can't experience what we do, so why not send souls on to do that experience and bring back more understanding? For a soul to decide to try this thing that has so many limitations like concepts of pain, death, hate, war, hunger, and to procreate has to sound intriguing. I mean, in their own way they could be recreated and experience more of life in all its forms.

Why can't we recall past lives?

Think about it - if a soul raises his hand and says, "I'd like to do the mortal thing," should he go with knowledge of past experiences? No! How can mankind grow if we're growing on the education of past lives? Suppose he was a miner and had a big family to feed and it was a miserable life. He comes back into an educated family that has political aspirations, but he approaches it remembering how hard life can be and scraping to survive. Maybe he recalls hurts of falling in love and avoids commitments and the experience of raising a family. You can't possibly let the past experiences change the outcome in a new situation. A new go-round has to be based on that situation and those conditions to play out genuinely. ERASE.

So, what are some of the signs of a past life?

You have a talent you weren't trained in.
You can go to a city and seem to know your way around, having never been there before.
You're obsessed with certain time periods or music from an era.
You meet people and feel you've always known them.
You know things you weren't taught in.
You have a phobia you can't account from given your life experiences and exposures.
You give very wise advice contrary to your life experience.
You pick up a new skill very fast and run with it.
You get deja vu with certain smells/sounds/lighting.
You have places on your body that hurt often throughout life, with no explanation of why.
You are drawn to certain cultures.
You understand a language you weren't taught.


When you know and feel things that don't apply to this lifetime's experience, it may be a past life cognitive bleed-through.

A lot of us express, "why would I want to be reborn in this present world? It sucks!"

But, here's the thing. - You aren't born in the present world knowing the experiences you had in your era. You grow up in the framework of that time and those resources and issues. It's not a jarring painful comparison. It's all you know in that existence. For example, if your parents felt they grew up in a better time, it's because they had the graduated experience of that era. You being born in a different era didn't make your progression any better or worse, just different.

You know how our parents lamented the old days and how different it was? We, however, think we grew up with more privileges and opportunities, medical cures, technology, and social awareness. Every generation thinks it came around at the right time.

Your future incarnation will feel the same without a comparison of "the old days."

Admittedly, as a psychic and intuitive, there is a lot of perspective I'm offering here that may be counterintuitive to your belief system or even scary or uncomfortable. As always on this blog, my purpose is a new perspective for your consideration, but you don't have to adopt it. Just put it into a collective knowledge-seeking bank and let it gestate there.