Monday, September 4, 2023

Missing Persons in Association With the Phoenix Lights?


Just when we thought we had gone over the mass UFO sighting known as the "Phoenix Lights," for decades without resolution, a new fact has been brought to my attention - missing people!

LINK Case #ML-40-CFR 761, 762, 763, 764

March 14, 1997 (Phoenix lights March 13, 1997)

Maricopa County

March 14, 1997

Glenn Lauder (28)

Mitch Adams (29)

Ryan Stone (27)

Jacob Reynolds (28) 

were reported missing to the Maricopa County Sheriff's office, after disappearing in the Estrella Mountain Regional Park. The men were last seen off-roading south of the Phoenix International Raceway. Maricopa County Medical Examiner's Report was inconclusive.


A little background about the Estrella Mountain Range. It is west of Phoenix and to the regional folks known as "Star Mountain" where UFOs and aliens are reportedly seen. 

How did 4 healthy young men go missing, their bikes left behind and no trace of them? To any 20-something young man riding in the huge desert park, if they want to explore, they ride there. They don't walk. But their ATVs were found in a grouping as if they took a break. 

There have been video tapes associated with a possible filming of an abduction of some kind that occurred, police tried to explain it as a possible black bear attack (on 4 men with ATVs?). It's considered unresolved, but here's a video that sheds light on some aspects - 

What happened to these young men? We may never know. Perhaps it's something nefarious, something natural, or something otherworldly. The timing of it and the location make a connection to the Phoenix Lights an obvious parallel. 

I look at their pics and think of the ages they were and just really starting off a lifetime of experiences. It's a very tragic loss. 

But, it still takes us back to that infamous location....

The Sierra Estrella (mountains star) Mountains are a gorgeous range, but with much folklore involving buried treasure, UFOs, aliens, treasures, and a monster referred to as "Clawman," that sounds a lot like a chupcabra.

When you gaze upon the mountain range, you know there is something more there than ancient earth. It feels almost like a cresting tsunami carrying mystery and legend toward the modern-day viewer.

It is highly recommended if you want to explore this massive park area, you be extremely prepared for severe and dangerous conditions. The mountains here, like the Superstitions, claim folks every year.

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