Saturday, September 2, 2023

Inexpensive Halloween Animatronics on Amazon Under $100


crawling zombie hand


C'mon, we Halloween-lovers often dream of having the serious cash to spend hundreds on animatronics, but the reality is, a good decorating base and a few smaller ones can be great accents. Here's some lower-priced ones with impact found on Amazon - 






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  1. The leaves are turning,
    Though the air is still cruel,
    It's time to start decorating,
    Let's bring out the ghoul.

    The pumpkins are carved,
    The cobwebs are strung,
    The ghosts and goblins are out,
    And the fun has begun.

    So let's celebrate,
    The Autumn Forest Queen,
    With jack-o'-lanterns and treats,
    And all things Halloween.