Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Season 4 Premiere of "Expedition Bigfoot" on Discovery Tonight!


Our favorite team is back for Season 4 of "Expedition Bigfoot" on Discovery Channel tonight!

I give huge kudos to the team/show for being a more non-invasive, un-obnoxious, thoughtful approach to the Big Guys. By planting themselves in high probability regions for longer periods of time, they get used to the forest and the forest gets used to them. 

This season the team is in Alaska - the heart of some of the most amazing Bigfoot encounters. 

Those who follow Biscardi's baloney and believe Bigfoot is a snowbird who migrates, need to do their research. These beings are built for mountainous and cold, dark regions.

Their ability to see in low light, their hair covering, their ability to walk barefoot in snow, their long strong arms, shorter legs, long feet, and long body make clammering up rock faces easy peasy. 

Many of their proportions match Neanderthal's from a northern region. This could mean they both were co-existing in a similar terrain (like Denisovans).  Neanderthal was a small fellow, but had many of the same physical strengths and body proportions. 

Alaska is like a Bigfoot Nation. I'm curious to see who these Tall Ones in their homeland treat the team as they embed in the region and explore. For the most part, they are pretty isolated from civilization and so likely to be either cagey or aggressive. 

I'm going to chill a tall beer and sit back and enjoy. 

Let the conversation begin - 

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