Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Halloween Foods and Halloween Cocktails


If you're already plotting and planning a Halloween shindig, now's the time to start working on the themes and the grocery list. Here's some great inspirations  - 

Hot dog and ketchup - peel back some of the skin for a nail bed (for more drama, can add an almond sliver as the nail), and a few  cuts to make the knuckles, tear off the other end and you're good to go!

Party favors done in latex gloves. 

The Lil Smokies are great cooked in a mix of BBQ sauce and grape jelly!

Cut and roast a butternut squash. 

I love this zombie presentation. I'd consider doing a build your own nachos bar with chips in one container, meat, refried beans, jalepeno slices, cheese sauce, chopped tomatoes, etc.

Carved apple heads floating in punch. 

Easy to eat caramel apples with dippers to coat them - 

mushrooms cut as skulls.

Cut apple in half and scoop out most of the insides, leaving some flesh. Fill with caramel. Wrap with saran wrap and refrigerate until firm and then slice. 

A smores martini, anyone? 

The alien brain hemorrhage is awesome. I've made this before. It works great!

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