Saturday, August 12, 2023

Free Horror Movies on Streaming


I've done some poking around the streaming channels in search of good horror channels and good channels for finding horror movies. If you have a smart TV or Roku, adding the apps is easy and the benefits are massive!

The Halloween Channel is a free streaming channel with an amazing array of horror. I was surprised to find this as many of these "little" streaming channels have lame choices. This one even has the original "Halloween" movie.

Roku Channel has a wide array of shows and movies in the horror genre. There are live channels within Roku like HauntTV and Filmrise Horror, ScreamboxTV, The Walking Dead Universe, The Asylum.

Sample -  The Blair Witch Project, Blood and Chocolate, The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Stir of Echoes, (numerous ghost hunting shows), MST3000.

PLUTO TV  Although this channel isn't heavy on horror choices, the ones it has count!

Sample -   The Lost Boys, Misery, Carrie, I Know What You Did Last Summer, 30 Days of Night, The Mist, World War Z, Hellraiser.

Peacock is one of my favorite channels. I think I pay like $5.99 a month for no commercials, but the variety of shows and movies is insane.  I'm addicted to watching "That 70s Show" and "Two and a Half Men." In the horror genre, however, almost all are modern day, many low-budget ones with unrecognizable names. 

Sample - Prom Night, Bad Moon, Day of the Dead, Ginger Snaps, Firestarter.  A good deal of these are rather unknown titles. 

VUDU   There are likely very few titles you recognize, but many look interesting.  

Sample -   The Lake, Lake Dead, Croc, I Spit on Your Grave, Monstrous, Gargoyle. 

TUBI - This one has a surprising lineup! 

SAMPLE - Carrie, Hellraiser, The Ninth Gate, Jaws, Triangle, Stir of Echoes, Jeepers Creepers 2, Jaws 2, Final Destination, Jeepers Creepers, La Llorona, Robert the Doll, Children of the Corn, The Thing From Another World. 

REDBOX -  This one isn't too awesome for free flicks.

Sample -  Horror Express, After Dark Horrorfest, The Little Shop of Horrors.

Freevee -   This channel has a LOT.

SAMPLE -   Jurassic World, The Mist, Triangle, The Village in the Woods, Stir of Echoes, Triangle, Ghoul, Piranha, Night of the Living Dead.

Filmrise Horror - These are rather obscure. Blah.

Sample - The Boogey Man, Asylum, Invitation to Hell, Are You Scared? 

If you're really in the Halloween mood - start looking at the 2023 movie lineup on TV -


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