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Do Reptoids Exist?


Reptoids, Reptilian, Lizard People - no matter what you prefer to call them, such a race of creatures have been spoken about for centuries. 

Did they exist? Do they still exist? 

Somewhat like the ancient giants conundrum, much is discussed in the arena of cryptozoology buffs.

Meet Mr. Crocodile Man (above). The Egyptians called him Sobek and the Greeks called him Suchos. He had a head like a crocodile and a headdress of feathers. For the Egyptians he was associated with the Nile and fertility to the land (water being a precious commodity).

Under Los Angeles, California there is said to be an elaborate city built by reptilians. In 1933, a geophysicist and mining engineer named G. Warren Shufelt said he invented an x-ray machine and was able to pick up on these tunnels. This was said to run from Elysian Park to the Central Library. He said this race of lizard-like beings were related to the Mayans and had taken to the underground where they stored gold. 

Some say that these reptilians come from Hollow Earth - a concept that there is another world beneath ours within the protective shell of the earth. 

Upon occasion people have reported encountering these reptilians in caves in Missouri and Germany and other locations around the world. Reports detail small flying vehicles within the caves utilized by this advanced race and the ability to walk through walls

Some bicyclists in a desert race in Tucson, Arizona had their own encounter with a lizard person. LINK

There have been some popular memes and speculation comparing some of today's influential figures and the possibility they are reptilians in "Edgar Suits" ("Men in Black" movie reference). These speculators say they are penetrating our society to affect change for the bad. Some potential lizard people have included pop stars, England's Monarchy, and Barack Obama. 

And then there is a banker in his 50s decided to spend $75,000 to have implants, be castrated, and remove his ears, so he could become a reptilian. 

I like the psychologist who said quite frankly, "I wish to be a giraffe. I can have surgery, resemble a giraffe, but I am never going to BE a giraffe." It's rather like playing pretend a dog on Halloween, but not realizing that one is playacting a fun role versus actually having had a life from genetics and actions since birth that defines his species. 

Do reptilians exist today? Did they ever exist? 

Certainly the earth had great conditions for such a type of "man" to exist millions of years ago in a time when dinosaurs roamed the earth and warm tropical weather prevailed. 

If I were to try to defend this concept, I would likely point out that man has adapted many times to many environments, such as Neanderthal with his large eyes and bulky hard-working frame being adapted to high elevations and northern cold climates, but not lasting the "thaw" out at the end of the Pleistocene. 

Do I personally believe they are possible? I am humble enough to admit that I can't prove they don't exist. So, like Schrodinger's cat, until these fellows are observed, they both do and do not exist.

Much of my research method involves how to prove and disprove (both sides) of a possible unexplained entity. This keeps me honest in my research as I have nothing invested in the outcome and it makes me constantly have to be on my toes to defend or convict a concept. 

Haven't had enough of the subject? Here's some great articles 

Here is a list of 10 supposed sightings of reptilians in modern days. 

Were these ancient hands on a cave wall the hands of a human or a reptilian? 

Then, there's a story shared by a young man on Reddit, a deadly encounter -

There are creatures living beneath the Superstition Mountains

I don’t really know where to start. I've never posted here before, and actually if I'm honest I only made it to get answers. I guess I’ll start by saying my best friend died four months back while we were on a climbing expedition.

His name was Patrick, and we grew up together in small town Superior, Arizona. Contrary to its name Superior is pretty inferior. It’s small, nondescript, and just generally what you would expect of a small town in the middle of the desert. The only interesting thing about it is that several movies have been filmed there in the past, though nothing recently. It also has one other perk: it’s close to the Superstition Mountains. They’re about 30 minutes to an hour outside of Superior, depending on traffic and such.

Before he died, Patrick and I liked to climb. When we were little we scaled trees and had birthday parties at rock-climbing places, and when we were older we’d climb the many mountains around our hometown. So naturally, we made more than one trip out to the Superstitions. But one trip out there was different. At the time nothing had seemed off. You know, just a typical day. We’d made plenty of trips out to the mountains so we had no reason to think that one time would be any different or any less…safe, for lack of a better word, but it was.

Anyways, like I said, the day it happened was in September. September in Arizona is still pretty warm so we figured we'd go for a hike. The Superstitions were our place of choice that day.

Our first mistake was taking a different trail than the one we usually did. Patrick said he had found a route to a different part of the east side mountains, where we’d never climbed before. It was about a mile or two off the main path we usually took.

Only two hours into walking that trail to no avail did Patrick tell me that oops, we were lost. We were considering just going home when I made one false step and the ground gave way beneath me, sending me plummeting about 15 feet below the earth.

I had a couple of scrapes and bruises and I'd hurt my ankle, which made me mostly unable to climb. We weighed our options with me in the hole and eventually decided that the best option was for Patrick to come down with me and find an alternate exit.

Before you criticize this decision (which I now realize was idiotic) we had our reasons for doing this, the first being I couldn't climb out of the hole even with our equipment because of my ankle, and Patrick couldn't haul my weight up alone. We decided against Patrick going back for help because the walk back would have taken until dark, and the desert at night is both cold and swarmed by predators. Also, the trail we were on wasn't on the map, so it more than likely would have gotten us in trouble if any of the park rangers found out.

So Patrick came down into the hole with me. Upon some investigating we realized there were other hollowed out tunnels in the hole that lead deeper underground, so thinking that someone else had already explored this path/cave system/whatever and found an exit, we decided to follow the tunnels.

The first thing we noticed down there was that the tunnels stank. There was a putrid smell in the air. I don't know how to describe it other than to say it smelled like stagnant water, the still dirty water you would find in a swamp or creek. If you've smelled it then you know what I mean. It's an awful smell, one that smells of rot and filth. But the smell rose the question: was there water somewhere in these tunnels? In the middle of the desert no less?

Not knowing what to make of it we continued on. The tunnels seemed to get steadily darker and our only source of light was two small flashlights we'd brought in case we weren't home before nightfall. As we continued walking, sure enough, we came across a small pool of water, which was definitely the source of the nasty smell. It was a murky greenish color, and we considered throwing one of our ropes down to see how deep it was. We didn't get a chance though, because around then the noises began.

They were subtle at first. Small little yips and chirps in the distance, so quiet that neither of us mentioned them. We didn't get much further beyond the water before they started getting louder. We got a clear idea of what the sound was then, and I swear to God sometimes at night when all is quiet I still hear these fucking noises. It was almost like a clacking noise, it even sounded non living at first. But each clack was punctuated by a hiss or growl or some other noise that was definitely the source of an animal or creature or something living.

By then we were scared shitless, and we didn't know what to do. We were so far into the tunnels that going back would take us at least an hour, but we knew that we sure as hell weren't going any further. The noises got increasingly frequent and they sounded as if they were getting closer. We started tracing our steps back, hoping to reach the hole I originally fell down.

We didn't make it that far back though, or rather Patrick didn't. A thing sprang out of the darkness and latched on to Patrick's back. He screamed and by the time I turned around (I was a few steps in front of him) the creature was already dragging him back into the darkness. I got a glimpse of it, though I wish I hadn't. It was all white, so white that we probably wouldn't have even needed flashlights to see it in the dark. It had no eyes, like most cave dwellers, and it had a horrid mouth. A horrible, awful mouth. Imagine an angler fish's mouth - that's what this thing's mouth resembled. I didn't see its arms or hands, but I'm guessing it had claws because Patrick left a trail of blood on the dirt as it dragged him away, him screaming and the creature screeching like a banshee.

I ran after them, but a few yards ahead the tunnel split into three new tunnels. I tried going a little farther down each, but I didn't hear anything or see anything, so after about an hour, I gave up. I felt numb at the time. Nothing. No fear, no sadness, no nothing. My mind reasoned that Patrick was probably already dead, and that soon I would be too if I didn't leave. So that's what I did. I returned to the hole where we originally began and waited for sunrise, as it was now dark, hoping that someone on the surface would find me before the creature(s?) did.

In the morning, a park ranger indeed found me and assisted me out of the hole with a team of other rangers. It turns out that they did indeed patrol that part of the mountains because other people like me had fallen into ditches and holes, and some had even gone missing completely. Afterwards, I told them that I lost my friend in the tunnels below. They looked at me strangely and asked me what tunnels? Turns out when they went down into the hole, the tunnels had been covered in dirt, as if they were never there to begin with. They said I had probably just dreamt it or imagined the tunnels being there at all.

The desert was searched for a few weeks, and when they found nothing of note, the search was closed and Patrick presumed dead, and that was the end of it. Patrick's parents didn't want to talk about it, no one did, it seemed. No one wanted to remember him or the "accident" as they called it. So I haven't had the chance to tell anyone this story until now. I'm sorry for the lack of a "climax" or anything like that, I'm just telling this to you exactly as it happened. One second Patrick was there with me and the next he wasn't. That's the end of it. I'm sorry I don't have pictures, or anything of the like. I haven't found it in me to venture back out into the desert since that day.

But I didn't type this all down just to "let it out." If I could, I would never talk about this experience ever again, not even think about it. I need help. The thing is: I never saw Patrick die. I saw him get taken, but I didn't see him die...what if he's still down there? Waiting for help? Praying that someone will save him, cursing me for leaving him? It seems unlikely, but if it's true that he's still alive, what if I really am abandoning him?

That brings me to my question, my reason for posting this. What do I do? Should I go back and see? Should I tell the authorities, knowing they won't take me seriously? Should I tell Patrick's parents, or just let them believe their son died in some tragic accident? I don't know. The guilt is tearing me to pieces. I just want closure. I just want answers.


The mystery continues - but given the kind of life on the planet during the epoch of dinosaurs, if an intelligent erect-standing counterpart to us existed, they would likely be designed like these guys!

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