Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Celebrating Halloween on the Road


At some point you are likely to find yourself away from home during Halloween. It seems almost impossible to comprehend, but life throws timing in your path that is not always ideal. 

If you find yourself on the road during your favorite holiday, here's some ideas for how to cope. 

If you're in the city, consider - 

Find a ghost tour.

Go to Spirit Halloween store.

Check for Oktoberfest festivals.

Farmer's markets in October.

Apple festivals.

Pumpkin patches.

Corn mazes.

Haunted attractions.

Outdoor projection movies in parks.

Pumpkin-flavored lattes and doughnuts at the shops.

Look up the best Halloween decorated homes and drive around to see them. 

Watch horror movies. Many free app channels are airing them. 

Go to an historic cemetery and photograph at sunset.

Go in search of abandoned sites to photograph, but be sure to bring someone with you and adhere to "no trespassing" signs.

Get a pumpkin, gourds, some battery operated candles and decorate your hotel room. 

Play spooky music on your favorite music app or YouTube channels like Nox Arcana.

Buy some glow in the dark necklaces and bracelets and wear them. 

Read a scary novel. My first suggestion is my favorite horror novel, "The Haunting of Hill House" by Shirley Jackson. Then, consider seeing the 1963 film version directed by Robert Wise, "The Haunting." 

If you're in the countryside - 

Camp in a dark forest and tell some Blair Witch tales to your camping friends, leaving a twig and twine person-shaped figure outside their tent.

Go to a farm that's having a harvest festival or corn maze.

Enjoy campfire tales.

Watch the full moon (Oct 28) rise on the surface of a lake. 

Hike in the dark with some friends. Hold flashlights, but don't turn them on. As you hike the path and hear things, whoever turns their light on to check something out, is "out." Last man who didn't need a light to investigate wins. 

Chase a local urban legend.  You can find many in Weird US and Atlas Obscura sites.

Enjoy my book (below) in paperback and on Kindle. "Adult Halloween: Taking Back the Season!" See how to make your Halloween scarier, maybe more sentimental, how about totally sexy? Whatever you want to amplify about this fun holiday - it's in there. This is a thorough book!

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